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Importance of SEO in our daily life

Importance of SEO in our daily life

As we know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means how you will rank your website on search engines like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. SEO holds a lot of importance in our daily life because if you want to learn and earn online then according to my perspective the first thing you should learn is SEO which is part of digital marketing.

Let’s go through one time that what is digital marketing and the effects of digital marketing in the development and success of our businesses in 2022 and from the future analysis?

When you start any business and even either open a shop, the first thing you need is marketing. In older times, digital marketing is done by a person physically who is hired by the company for its marketing. Who make relation from client to the client by doing client meetings on daily basis with multiple clients around the area given to him. Most companies hired a lot of people for their marketing purposes. In this 2022 digital era, physical marketing is replaced by digital marketing which means you don’t have to hire a person or multiple staff for marketing purposes.

Just make a campaign online and market your brand or products all around the world from a computer or a mobile cell phone.

Types of SEO:

SEO is further divided into two types which are ON-page SEO and OFF-page SEO. Both are necessary for ranking the brand keyword of your website.

Difference Between Digital Marketing and SEO:

So I know most of you will be confused that then what’s the difference between digital marketing and SEO techniques? The answer for that is digital marketing involves multiple things like videos, images, ads, and posts to promote business all over the world with an outreach of more and more clients while SEO helps you in ranking your website at the top of the search engine searches on a specific brand name or on multiple ranked keywords from where you are getting the public boost for your website to stand extraordinary.

There are multiple SEO techniques and tricks you should adopt for a successful career as an SEO analyst.


The first step is to set your goals and start keyword research right away by selecting any niche or multiple niches.


Next step is to set up your website and keep watching the loading time and processes while it goes online or published.


Create a topic in the field you are very fond of and already know about a lot because if you select the wrong niche then that will be bad luck for you. Start keyword research right away and from that select one or multiple niches which depends on the product types either you are selecting a niche or sub-niche and the difficulty varies according to after when you start SEO, be careful in that so you will not have stuck later.


You should first write down all the brainstorming coming in your mind in a rough paper from point to point regarding the topic you selected before. The meta description should be a must and included later in the SEO tools used by them. Keep that in your mind. For that, your content should be unique and neat as well as clean so the reader can easily understand what you are trying to say.

Step 5:

Multiple SEO tools are available online some of which are paid and some are free for your website inspection report. Some of which are Href, Moz for on-page and off-page SEO.

Step 6:

Remove the errors and issues according to the website audit report from the SEO tools like loading time, tags, main keyword in a paragraph, etc.


Try to work on ON-page SEO because it’s simple before starting OFF-page SEO.


Now find the free guest posts from your friends and family circle who are already allowing free guest posts on the niche of their website accordingly. Ask for their requirements for guest posts and make powerful links with high domain rating websites and you can also find an online professional writer for affordable assignment writing as well in your budget and time frame.

Bottom line:

I hope this article will help all my article readers who are newcomers and want to learn and start an SEO career as SEO analyst. Read it carefully and start working on this and I bet you will use to it in no time and your many doubts will be cleared as you practice it daily.