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How To Prepare For A Summer Wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico

With colorful reefs and lovely white sand beaches, the Caribbean coastline along the Yucatan Peninsula provides the most beautiful location for your wedding celebration. From gorgeous resorts, unique culinary experiences, and of course, jaw-dropping scenery, a Riviera Maya Cancun wedding will be unforgettable. But, before rushing off to say your “I Do’s,” there is some planning that needs to take place, especially if you want it to be in the summer. So, here are some tips for preparing for a summer wedding in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

If you choose to marry in the Cancun region, you and your wedding guests will have lots of possibilities for fun and adventure while in town. There is something for everyone in this world-famous beach destination, from resting in the sun to exploring underwater caves known as cenotes. In addition, your guests will never be bored because they can plan thrilling trips to nearby Mayan ruins or gorgeous islands. And, before you tie the knot, you and your partner might like to go on a sunset cruise.

Summer Weddings Can Mean Savings!

In the summer season, there can be a reduction in the general tourism of the area, so prices for specific wedding venues may go down. However, be wary of hidden charges as some resorts may boast of providing an all-inclusive wedding package but will charge you very highly if you bring a videographer from your hometown, for example. In addition, customization is usually costly in destination wedding locations like this, so read the fine print.

The Best Month To Tie The Knot

Weather is a bit precarious in the Caribbean, and most insiders say the best months for a Riviera Maya Cancun wedding are May or November. The early spring months of March and April are often the most expensive when booking resorts. But, planning a wedding in the summer means you’ll likely have to deal with some rain. In Riviera Maya, the rainy season is August to October, which sounds like a real bummer, but there are some benefits to visiting at this time of year.

Most couples planning a wedding in the Riviera Maya want the natural beauty to be forefront in their photographs and memories, so that leaves you with the glorious summer months. However, remember that June is quite possibly the most popular month for getting married, so if June is your month of choice, make sure you have attempted to book a resort at least 6 months in advance.

Make Sure There’s A Veil

Many brides adapt their wedding dresses to the destination wedding location, such as opting for a shorter skirt or a thinner material if they will be on the beach all day in the sun. However, despite what you may have heard, wedding veils are a brilliantly sensible addition to your wedding attire, even if your ceremony is on the beach and the reception is also outdoors.

When appropriately fastened, a wedding veil can prevent your hair from becoming a frizzy mess in the wind, and for June weddings, it is safe to expect only a light breeze. Since June means less wind and no rain in the Riviera Maya, you can have any wedding look you are passionate about, from chic to bohemian. It’s a great time to get married in Riviera Maya.

The Heat Is No Joke

When traveling to any warm climate, you need to ensure you are adequately prepared for the heat. The temperature during the daytime can be hot indeed, so a heavy wedding gown, for example, may feel too much.

You’ll also want to pack a lot of sunscreen as well as heat-resistant makeup products (if you’re doing your makeup yourself) along with hair products to prevent your style from slipping.

Having a lighter outfit for the reception might be a good idea so you can still have the full glory of the wedding gown in the ceremony pictures. And always pack an emergency kit in case you get a migraine or any other issue due to the heat, especially if you are not used to it.

The Summer Days Are Wonderfully Long

One of the best aspects of having your wedding in this serene, sublime location is that the summer days are particularly long, so your Riviera Maya photographer will have plenty of time for great shots.

You can even turn your Riviera Maya wedding into a full-day affair. Schedule a pre-wedding lunch or brunch and then carry the celebrations into the evening. Having warm sunshine on your back is an excellent feeling in every vacation, and it definitely adds extra joy on one’s wedding day. The early summer months typically don’t get a lot of rain, so your Riviera Maya Cancun wedding photographer can make use of the natural light for extraordinary images.

Wedding Dress Material – The Right Fit

Use a lighter fabric for your wedding dress, such as silk or chiffon, as synthetic fabrics can be very uncomfortable and will stick against the skin. Wedding gowns with a lot of intricate work, such as elaborate embroidery or gems, can also be inconvenient for the beach or natural elements like driftwood or rocks. The right fit regarding the fabric makes all the difference so you can look ravishing without compromising on comfort.

Cancun Wedding Video

A destination wedding in Riviera Maya is an unforgettable experience. And with your closest family and friends there to celebrate your love, you’ll have some pretty incredible memories. We recommend that you have a Cancun wedding video made so that you can look back at how the day unfolds. Your wedding will fly by in the blink of an eye, so having all the raw emotions, laughter, tears, nerves, and fun preserved on film will allow you to relive the event.

From rustic jungle restaurants to white sand beach resorts; all-inclusive hotels to private villas, a Riviera Maya Cancun wedding will be packed to the brim with fun times, fantastic wedding backdrops, and great memories. Cheers to your fiesta-worthy wedding.