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How To Plan Your Book Marketing Strategy

How To Plan Your Book Marketing Strategy

When you decide to self-publish a book, you agree to take on all of the responsibilities that a traditional publisher would. That means you will not only have to produce a fantastic book, but you will also have to sell it. Of course, hiring affordable book marketing services may be the best option. These professionals create a book marketing strategy and go forward step by step!

The most traction for your book comes from book marketing and promotion, yet most self-published authors and little independent publishers don’t have megabucks to devote to such initiatives. Here come affordable book marketing services to your rescue. Even so, there are a variety of low-cost and successful strategies for spreading the word that may help you build a stronger author platform and sell more books.

The book marketing methods for self-published authors listed below provide a high-level overview of several traditional and digital book marketing strategies for self-published authors. In addition, a good book marketing plan should include the following key elements.

Author Website

An author’s website is a prime hub for readers to learn more about an author and its work. Your author website should serve as a hub for all of your other social media profiles, as well as news about your book, tour dates, and links to book reviews, among other things. If you don’t have much expertise to develop your own website, you can pay for affordable book marketing services to do it for you using a platform that allows you to change and add content to the site without any outside help.

Advanced Review Copies

Advance review copies, often known as advance reader copies or ARCs, are printed or electronic copies of your finished book. You’ll want to send these to bookstores, reviewers, and anybody else who might be interested in endorsing your book. You can also bring them to readings or other activities you’re planning to promote your book before it’s released.

In addition, ARCs help you generate awareness for your future release by allowing you to obtain blurbs for your final book’s cover and metadata. The important thing is to make that first connection.

Tip Sheets

Any ARCs you give or hand out should come with tip sheets. But what is a tip sheet, exactly?

The tip sheet is a single page that includes all related sales information about your book, including the ISBN, publisher, distributor, publishing date, book-length, and book description.

Creating a detailed, readable tip sheet promotes your book at a high level to provide credibility to your efforts.

Retailers are interested in learning how you can assist them in making money. Get to know your market. Recognize what your genre’s fans are seeking for and capitalize on it. Most essentially, make sure you have a strategy in place and schedule your launch to align with trade and retail calendars. However, keep in mind that the bookshop will not advertise your book for you; that is your responsibility.


Don’t simply have one; keep adding to it on a regular basis. For example, adding a blog to your author’s website keeps your material updated and keeps your viewers interested in you and your work. You can even use a plug-in to automatically distribute your updates to social networking sites like Facebook.

Social Media

As an author, you should have a presence on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and Amazon Author Page. It’s even possible that you post videos on your profiles regarding your book. The more clicks and likes you acquire on the internet, the more people will notice your book. Increased book sales demand an online presence, which is an important component of any book marketing plan.

Book Publicity

Because book publicity is normally reserved for traditionally published books, it makes a major difference for self-published authors. So even if you’re an introvert, you should think about getting your book some recognition.

An effective book marketing approach includes TV, radio, and regular old-fashioned print reviews and interviews. Hire affordable book marketing services with an established network of industry specialists if you truly want to make the most of traditional media. Author events can be planned, such as signings or presentations at bookshops, retailers, writing groups, and professional organization events.

Making a Connection

A strong author brand is built via effective book promotion. A strong author brand leads to a strong author platform that can turn a one-time shopper into a lifelong devotee. Rather than being “promotional,” your book promotion should help readers and retailers form bonds. Though your objective is to sell more books, the story you tell in your marketing should be relevant, interesting, and correctly positioned for your style and genre.

There are several strategies to promote your book and generate interest. First, it’s important to learn about readers’ buying habits in your category and create relatable messages. A decent way to start is with a balanced blend of conventional and digital methods. Many of these strategies will frequently overlap and help you promote your book in the long run.


When it comes to successful self-publishing, how you advertise your book isn’t the only aspect to consider, but it is how readers will discover about you and your book.

The most important aspect of a book marketing plan is to devise and execute your plan. This could appear daunting at first, but the toughest thing is taking the first step. Consider employing affordable book marketing services to help you with the elements of your strategy that you aren’t sure you can handle. This way, you’ll be able to claim credit for your book’s success!