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How To Increase Followers On Instagram


Instagram is one of the most widely and prominently used social networking sites worldwide. Instagram allows your business access to a market of more than a billion people who may consume your content and become brand influencers, ambassadors, and even consumers. Therefore, Instagram is a very promising platform.

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Planning and producing content on Instagram takes hours of your time. After you click “Share,” everything is OK for a split second. You’re sure that what you published is fantastic. Radio silence followed. maybe a few remarks and likes from your few followers. But how can you gain more Instagram followers if you don’t provide quality stuff? Growing on Instagram might feel like banging your head against a wall, but some top Instagram follower apps will help you move ahead of the competition. It seems like you lose a tonne of Instagram followers for every new follower.

Instagram followers are part of your online community; they are more than statistics. Nevertheless, expanding your Instagram following may boost your website’s traffic, enhance sales, or even make you a trendsetting influencer. So let’s look at some relevant Instagram data before we discuss how you may boost your Instagram followers.

Instagram Statistics

Before continuing, it’s essential to keep in mind the following Instagram statistics:

  • More than 500 million people use Instagram daily, and there are more than one billion users.
  • The average age of Instagram users is under 35, which is more than 71%.
  • Instagram users in the US log on for more than 23 minutes per day. However, users in India spend about 45 minutes each day on average.
  • Additionally, 71% of companies utilize Instagram. 

Everything here amply demonstrates the breadth of options and potential that Instagram offers. So let’s now examine ways to gain more Instagram followers. 

Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram

Instagram growth doesn’t have a step-by-step manual. However, there are recommended practices that might assist you in expanding your audience and gaining new supporters.

  1. Optimize Your Bio 

Ensure that you utilize all 150 characters. Your Instagram bio describes who you are, what you stand for, and the desired outcome you want others to have after seeing your profile. The first thing visitors see on your Instagram is your bio. It resembles your brand’s main page in several ways. People may get a sense of your brand’s mission from the bio. For simple accessibility, the bio should also include links to your website or the most recent material. You might include pertinent hashtags in your profile to further increase visitors’ curiosity.

  • Post-Consistently

Make sure your postings have a theme and a regular timetable. You may schedule your updates to develop a compelling theme and tell people the tale you want to tell. Additionally, you may create material in advance rather than improvising by scheduling articles.

  • Work On Instagram Algorithm

When Instagram came up with a severe change and switched from a chronological feed to a ranked timeline, many users immediately panicked. In addition, 50% more followers now see the average post following the modification. Therefore, don’t bother learning how to trick the algorithm. Instead, concentrate on being familiar with the system. Instagram’s algorithm aims to show each user the most compelling content.

  • Choose A Proper Time To Post Your Content 

To determine the times your audience is online, use Instagram Insights. From your Instagram business profile, select “Insights,” then go to “Your Audience” and select “See All.” To identify the periods when your audience is most active, go to the bottom of the page.

  • Focus On Research And Hashtags

Start by looking for hashtags that will resonate with your target market. With the use of hashtags, you may reach a whole new audience. Use hashtags that are exclusive to your brand or relate to your target market. Users are more inclined to follow your brand if they consider your hashtags relevant.

  • Engage and Collaborate With Brands

On Instagram, engagement is essential for growth. Unfortunately, many businesses avoid focusing on likes and comments without considering the individuals who provide those numbers. Engage your fans in dialogue if you’re serious about growing your Instagram following.

  • Use Instagram Ads

You may utilize Facebook’s ad management for Instagram advertisements, given that Facebook now owns Instagram. These advertisements make it possible for more people to see your work. Customers see your adverts depending on their interests, habits, demographics, prevalent behaviors, etc. For example, you may run carousel advertisements, narrative ads, photo ads, video ads, etc.

  • Use Instagram tools  

You may grow and interact with your audience using tools. They may assist you in planning your posts, provide statistics and insights, and help you choose the appropriate hashtags to utilize. Hootsuite, Later, Linktree, and other well-known applications can be used.

  • Keep Track Of Your Instagram Followers

Be careful to monitor your development (or the lack thereof). Instagram’s data analytics can help you identify your weaknesses and potential areas for improvement. You can also expand your brand by determining what works in effective postings.

  1. Use User-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) may increase your brand’s legitimacy and personalize it even more. By extension, this enhances your communication with your audience. For example, users could be instructed to upload pictures using a specific hashtag, tag their friends, etc.

The Bottom Line Growing on Instagram could seem like hitting a wall with your head. Still, you must consistently provide your target audience with high-quality material if you desire continuous growth on Instagram. For personal accounts, piecemeal social networking is OK, but corporations need to be more planned. You may use the strategies we discussed to increase your Instagram following, but they can’t all be checked off at once. Therefore, it’s critical to maintain control over your social media content strategy.