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How Much Does iPhone Screen Repair Cost?

How Much Does iPhone Screen Repair Cost?

If spending money on a brand new iPhone isn’t enough? Imagine what happens when the warranty period on your iPhone expires and you end up breaking your phone screen accidentally. I can only imagine the trauma that one has to go through at that moment. Such moments make you wish that you should have stuck to an Android phone at least the repair cost wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The unknown is scarier than anything else. You are mostly kept in the dark about iPhone screen repairing charges.

If you are wondering how much iPhone screen repair will cost you? Therefore, you should let us help you figure this mystery out. Before we go any further let us share a secret with you. Sometimes we like to skip the repairing part and think it’s better to get a new smartphone. If you have firmly decided to do this then we would advise you to sell old iPhones with broken screens to online sites like Quickmobile to earn instant cash.

Which Situation Forces Your Hand to Get Your iPhone Screen Repair?

In the first scenario, an accidental fall or when your iPhone screen comes in contact with a sharp object leaving scratches and cracks all over the screen. But it is the accidental fall that causes more damage. A screen with small scratches and cracks can survive. But not a fall that directly impacted the display leaving your screen black.

In the second scenario, this doesn’t happen often since not many keep their phone that long. When years pass by and you still have your old iPhone. It is common that your phone internally starts malfunctioning and that affects your screen touch sensors. Even coming in contact with water can also cause internal damage to your iPhone. This got nothing to do with external damage. Your screen can be in top-notch conditions and internal parts can wreak havoc.

Which One to Choose Apple Repair or Third Party Repair?

If you have AppleCare and pay a monthly or upfront payment. It is insurance for your Apple devices. So whenever any of your Apple devices get damaged Apple Care will cover the damage cost. But in a way, you will be paying too much that insurance will certainly surpass the cost of actual screen repair.

So choosing AppleCare is a costly affair. AppleCare only secures you for two years after this you are on your own and let me tell you might end up getting a heart attack after hearing their screen repair prices. But choosing an Apple repair service will guarantee that your screen will be replaced with the original one.

If you don’t have AppleCare or even have the budget visit iPhone Repair Center to replace your screen.  Third-party screen repair services are the right choice for you and your pockets as well. They will only charge you pocket-friendly prices and usually, if you decide to stay during the repair they will fix your iPhone within an hour or two.

But while choosing the third-party iPhone repair service. You have to be careful and go to someone who is trustworthy and uses quality products otherwise in less than a month a cheap screen will start cracking even from small pressure.

Final Verdict:-  There is one thing you should know if you have an older model of iPhone. It will cost you less to get its screen repaired. Where iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 will cost you four to five times extra due to their large size screen and quality upgradation. You always have the option to opt for online smartphone repair services that are not only cost-effective. But also use quality products in the replacement.