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How Is Balade Pinot Noir Different From Other Red Wines?

How Is Balade Pinot Noir Different From Other Red Wines?

One of the first questions that comes up during any wine tasting is “What makes this Pinot different? In this article, we’ll explore the differences and Similarities between Balade and regular Pinot noir. Balade is a single vineyard French Pinot will produce a wine that has more complexity with fuller, rounder fruit flavours that come across as “fruity” and “plum-like” but also with an appealing oak character. It’s not as tart or even as light as Songola (dry), but it’s still considered to have some added weight and body to it. Often the wine will be slightly sweeter than regular Pinot due to the additional varietal grape enrichment. Balade has a subtle spicy note that is not quite peppery and definitely not spicy.


Balade pinot noir is an exciting new wine with a similar taste to many of the pins that win competitions year after year.

• The front palate of balade pinot noir has a certain nutty taste with the hint of chocolate. The fruitiness and some floral aroma can be detected in the middle of the mouth.

• Balade pinot noir also has a similar taste on the back palate. It has a long finish, fresh and fruity. Some may think balade pinot noir tastes like other pinots because of the similar taste. 

However, it is important to take note of the distinctive characters of this wine. Learning more about balade pinot noir helps in understanding its taste, making it easier to appreciate.

Balade pinot noir is the result of the combination of three grape varieties: merlot, pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon.

What Exactly Balade Pinot Noir is

Balade Pinot Noir is a French Pinot Noir wine made from some of the best examples of Pinot Noir grapes.

Other Pinot’s wines are made from a wide variety of different types of grapes, some of which are not used to make Balade Pinot Noir. This wine is also  made in different styles, including dry, semi-dry, sweet, or sparkling.

Balade Pinot Noir also tends to be a little more dry than some other pinots, which may make it a good choice for those who want a more pronounced taste. It is a good choice for those who like their wines with less sweetness.

Similarities Between Balade Pinot Noir And Other Pinots

There are a lot of similarities between Balade Pinot Noir and other Pinots. 

  • They are all red wine grapes, for example, and they all have flavours that vary depending on the soil and climate where they were grown.
  •  They are all made from 100% Pinot Noir grape juice. They also all have a fruity, floral taste with a slight sourness.
  • They  have similar aromas and flavours. Balade Pinot Noir also tends to be a little more dry than some other pinots, which may make it a good choice for those who want a more pronounced taste.

Differences Between Balade Pinot Noir and other Pinots

There are a few key differences between balade pinot noir and other pinot noir wines

  • Balade pinot noir is more acidic than other Pinots.
  • Balade is made from 100% chardonnay, while other Pinots are made from 50-70% pinot noir and 30-50% malbec.
  • The wine is more cloudy than other wines, which is due to the higher levels of acidity.   This is typical of the French method of wine making and is not considered a flaw.
  •  The Balade is much more expensive than other similar wines.
  •  There is more varietal character in Balade Pinot Noir than in other Pinots.
  • It takes longer to mature than other Pinots, which gives it a more complex flavour.
  • Another big difference between Balade and other Pinots is the amount of time the wine spends in the barrel. Most other Pinots are not aged for more than two years and are typically aged for around one year in barrel. Balade, on the other hand, spends around three years in barrel before it is bottled. This helps to give the wine a richer colour and more layers of flavour.

Overall, these differences make balade pinot noir a unique wine that  deserves to be tried   by Pinot lovers everywhere! 


To recap, balade pinot noir is a higher-quality wine than other pinots and has a more intense flavour. It’s also often labelled as having a “baladin” taste, which describes its characteristic bouquet of spices and red fruit flavours. If you love the complex flavours of grand cru pinots but find that they can be too heavy for some occasions, balade pinot noir might be the perfect option for you. Thanks for reading!

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