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High-Quality Wooden Cupboard Designs Made Accessible

High-Quality Wooden Cupboard Designs Made Accessible

Wardrobes are essential in our houses. However, it is essential that they have a long shelf life. They should also be low maintenance and improve the curb appeal of your home. You must therefore ensure that your wooden cabinets are made of high-quality materials.

Here is a list of things you should think about before choosing the plywood for your wardrobes and storage cabinets to assist you in selecting the best plywood for your needs.

Make sure that it is waterproof

Accidents can happen all the time. Thus it is important that we take preventive measures before. Thus make sure that your wardrobes are made up of water-resistant material. The ideal choice for your wardrobes is Sainik 710 plywood which is BWP grade plywood. This will also protect your furniture from swelling and warping.

Sainik 710 plywood can endure a water test for 72 hours as opposed to an hour for regular plywood, which means it is more durable. Therefore, be sure to use the Asli waterproof plywood to protect your wardrobes from any damage brought on by water.

Ensure that the material is termite-free

Initially, picking less-priced solutions could seem like a smart move. These wood products, however, may become more susceptible to termite attack with time. Thus make sure that your wardrobes are made up of plywood that is free from the attack of termites.

In addition to being affordable and waterproof, Sainik 710 plywood also shields you from bothersome bugs. This plywood has a specific glue line protection that makes it termite and borer resistant. Thus with Sainik 710 plywood, you no longer need to worry about the upkeep of your wardrobes.

Choose a material that offers warranty

You should choose a material that requires little upkeep and offers an excellent warranty. This will ensure that your plywood furniture stays as good as new for a longer period of time. Sainik 710 plywood comes with a warranty of 8 years. As a result, it is one of the greatest solutions on the market because of its wealth of advantages and warranty.

Choose a cost-effective alternative

Given all of the advantages it offers, it should go without saying that plywood is inexpensive. They last a long time and are durable. This relates to how tough they are.

Any other plywood can drain your bank account because it needs ongoing upkeep and is subject to termite infestations. Sainik 710 plywood, however, is one of the most cost-effective options.

You can get Sainik 710 for an affordable price of ₹105 per unit (unit = 929 sq.cm., inclusive of GST).with unparalleled strength and durability. Furthermore, you can buy your Sainik 710 plywood at the same affordable price throughout India.

Choose a material that is resilient

Heavy objects and normal wear and tear do not compromise the structural integrity of your interiors since SAINIK 710 is bend-resistant. Because of its exceptional weather resistance, this top-quality plywood is unaffected by drastic climate variations.

Choose a material that offers a lower cost of renovation

Everyone likes change. Additionally, making modifications to your homes gives your property fresh energy. However, a renovation can be expensive. Thus you should choose a material that can be renovated at a lower cost. Sainik 710 is a cost-effective type of plywood that will enable you to lower your overall remodelling expenses. It can uplift the look of your boring room decor.


Wardrobes are an essential part of home decor. Thus the material for the cupboards and furniture should not be chosen lightly. Make sure that you keep these points in mind before choosing the plywood for your Furniture. However, you no longer need to get into the hassle of finding the right material for your furniture. Sainik 710 plywood is an excellent alternative available. It has numerous benefits. Thus to avail more information about Sainik 710 plywood, do check out the official website of Century Ply.