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Here’s why I like Nuuly: Review

Here’s why I like Nuuly: Review

It’s likely that you are too familiar with the feeling. Do you know the feeling of searching your closet for that dress on the hangers, only to be confronted with a last-minute outfit conundrum? These crisis-sounding situations do arise, and while I don’t particularly enjoy the thought of wearing the same clothing twice, I will if necessary. This puts me in a difficult situation because, even if I absolutely admire a particular look, I want to claim that as my own. I don’t, however, sound like the Ideal Client for clothes rental businesses. I was unable to comprehend paying a large sum each month to wear a piece of clothes just once. But then nuuly came along, much to my surprise, after my first month, I hooked.

Everywhere I turn, I hear about nuuly: in podcast commercials, from YouTube content producers I follow, and from friends I’ve met in person who have a tonne of events to attend this season.

Nuuly is excellent because you can customize your box; it’s a soft, sustainable zip-up enclosure for anything you have going on. I knew my calendar would packed with taco and sangria meals with friends, a grand party press event, a couple of graduation parties, and of course, commutes to New York Post office to work when I tried nuuly for my first time in June.

So, among other things, I chose for my box a jumpsuit that was outside of my comfort zone but that I ended up enjoying, a couple of formal floral dresses, and a good pair of AGOLDE jeans because, well, why not? Read on for more information.

You can peruse a lookbook of outfits with nuuly Rent, a service I used, before committing to the first month. You only need to add six pieces to your cart from available brands like Love Shack Fancy. Free People, and Anthropologie. They can be a mix of all its options, and all adorable outfits for work. Every denim jeans you wear for a month straight, etc. You are entirely in charge.

Oh, and there is no cap on rental costs. In other words, anyone can rent six items for $300 each without paying any additional fees. You can also include a $35 shirt in your bundle if you find one. As convenient and individualized as that.

Let’s face it, you picked six pieces to wear. And once you put them on, you’re certain to fall in love with at least one of them. You can purchase any one of your styles on Nuuly at a discount of up to 75%. In order to keep them in your wardrobe forever. Alternatively, you can send back all six items using the accompanying return label. If you wish to continue rotating your wardrobe every month.

Furthermore, you won’t need to bother about cleaning your clothes before giving them. Because nuuly has an on-site, cutting-edge laundry facility. Oh, and there are no late charges, damage costs, or pause or cancellation fees. Therefore, you won’t need to be concerned about spilling something and misplacing a button. Additionally, you can even stop your account for a while. If you don’t require the rental service or a trip scheduled.

Nuuly is aware that your life is designed to flexible. Because it acts as a treasured storage facility. The company doubles as your next favorite service. Allowing you to access its vast selection of fashions without worrying about running out of storage space. That definitely causes celebration.

My Initial Thoughts About Nuuly

I definitely worked on my computer for close to three hours to perfect my style choices. When I tried out nuuly. I pleased the company provided a quick style test that asked for information on my height, weight, and bra size. Additionally, Nuuly promo code asked me what body type most closely resembles mine: pear, apple, hourglass, inverted triangle, or straight. I often wear tiny, regular, or plus fits. I liked having the flexibility to choose multiple options. If you want to combine two or more to get better results.

The two-day shipping speed of nuuly also caught my attention. I didn’t have to be concerned about the ETA. It arrived at my door and it is the most thrilling package to open. All over the month, I experienced peace, assurance, and renewed energy.

I didn’t experience the ick of quick fashion with nuuly (you get what I’m saying). Appreciated the service in keeping my closet less cluttered even though. I loved every item I got (with the exception of the Free People top. Which was much more cropped than it appeared on the website and hence not work-appropriate. As I had imagined when placing it in my nuuly cart).

While I enjoyed the first month of using nuuly (and will undoubtedly use it again). One drawback is that, at least in my lifestyle, it is not practicable every month. Even though I commute to a city twice a week for business and routinely get out with friends. I don’t attend weddings, graduation celebrations, or after-work parties every month. It made complete sense to enjoy the benefits of renting six different styles for $88 per month. Since June had more events scheduled on my calendar.