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Fixed teeth in a single day

Fixed teeth in a single day

Dental grafts

The staff at Dental Corbella we practice what is known as “Advanced Implantology” which means that in the majority of instances we are capable of removing diseased teeth implanting dental implants one day and bone grafts (if required ) or temporary dental implants. All in one session. If we use monitored sedation, it’s likely to be almost invisible to the patient. Click here for more information.

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Here at Dental Corbella we have one objective: that every person get fixed dental prostheses. We therefore prefer not to use protheses that are removable. It’s not even a temporary solution.

All in one session. We have managed to transform it into a minimally-invasive quick, safe, and fast treatment. Patients can achieve the highest satisfaction in an incredibly short time.

There are many benefits of having implants and teeth that are immediate right from the beginning for example:


In contrast to dentures, fixed teeth are more natural looking.




Additionally, in many instances, thanks to the knowledge and experience from our doctors, we’ll be able insert dental implants through Guided Surgery, thanks to which there aren’t any scalpel cuts or stitches are required (they are also referred to as “Implants that do not require surgical intervention”).

Are all teeth replaceable?

The instances where the patient needs a full rehab (we talk about maxilla, or both) are definitely those who are more content in Dental Corbella.

As we’ve said that it is possible to smile or chew repeatedly in one session even in patients with a lack of jawbone. In particular, the procedure could be explained in multiple steps:

Appointment 1. The patient is familiar with us.

When a patient comes to us and we take either an X-ray CT and then Dr. Corbella study her case. We then propose an intervention program. If you decide to begin the treatment, we select a date to begin the treatment, and you receive some guidelines and a prescription.

Second appointment: The day of intervention.

Then, the affected pieces (if there are any) are removed, and then the implants are inserted into the jaws. Normally, there are between 6-8 implants for each arch. We suggest Monitored Sedation for this intervention The patient will feel at ease, while also aiding in the postoperative process. The procedure usually takes between 1 to 2 hours.

On the same day, the preliminary fixed teeth that our lab has designed are placed.

From this point from now the patient can bite and smile confidently. they’ll have a fixed dental appliance, even though it’s provisional it will function as the final one. The patient should adhere to a moderate diet (soft is not required).

Appointment 3 Three days following the procedure.

A control check and any needed adjustments are implemented. We will not return to the patient until after a couple of months have passed. This will be the time when we start making the final prosthesis. The prosthesis may be constructed from various materials, depending on the patient’s discretion (although Drs. Corbella will provide you with advice for your particular case).

Dentures and partials


The false teeth offer the best and most popular solution to missing teeth. Brickell Dental Care can fit dentures of all kinds by using advanced techniques and the most modern technology and materials.

What are false teeth?

This is a removable teeth appliance constructed of various materials (plastic metal, nylon) which is placed on the gums to fulfill the roles that healthy teeth perform. Dentures are an affordable solution to the issue of gaps that are caused due to missing teeth. Dentures allow a person to chew food, eat and even speak normally. In addition, they aid in restoring the health of your smile. Our dentists use two fundamental kinds of dentures:

A full denture is suggested to replace any missing teeth in the lower and upper jaws;

The partial or full denture usually used to repair one or more missing teeth.

What are the reasons to address missing teeth? Jaw gaps can result in a variety of dental issues ranging caused by shifting of teeth, which is due to joint issues. It can also trigger digestive problems and chewing issues. Teeth missing could result in an eventual loss in jaw’s support as it deteriorates. Not to mention unattractive smiles and poor appearance.

Dentures that we employ

Brickell Dental Care offers metal and acrylic dentures. The plastic (acrylic) dentures cost affordable and are suitable for temporary use. Flexible partial dentures, or combinations are a viable option. These types of structures can last for a long time if it is not subjected to mechanical and physical damage. Dentures made of titanium or cobalt chrome are made of metal components that help strengthen the structure and demand less space inside the mouth. Our dentists can put in any type of dentures including:

A fully removable denture may be put in the mouth of the patient once the remaining gums and teeth have completely healed, which could take several months.

Immediately fitted dentures are placed on the same day that the remaining teeth are removed. It is recommended to see the dentist before you go to create drawings of your jaw. After the complete healing of your jaw, you might need get your tooth made or relined.

The overdenture is able to protect the jawbone and offer strong denture stability and stability. It can be fitted over many existing natural teeth. Implants also can serve this purpose. The recommended treatment for lowers is complete implant dentures which give the most effective results.

Brickell Dental Care specialists manufacture premium dentures that will serve you for a long time. The responsible way of doing business and the affordable price make us the top choice for patients who have a variety of dental issues.