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European Countries Where Tourism is the Major Source of Income


Tourism is a great source of income for many European countries. Offering the great variety of stunning beaches, picturesque landmarks and dazzling views as well as historic and cultural landmarks, Europe is one of the leading continents when it comes to tourism. The place is full of different activities and diversity that makes the continent one of the most beautiful places for vacation. Coming from this, it’s not a surprise that many of the European countries depend on tourism as the major source of income.

You might wonder what knowing which European countries rely on the tourism the most, changes for you as a traveler. But hey, it is very important. If a country majorly relies on tourism, it means that they have the best possible infrastructure as well as the environment to give you the very best of your vacations, so prepare your passports, visas and other documents. We are going on vacation to Europe.

How Covid-19 Affected the Tourism in Europe?

Well, we all remember how Covid-19 started right? The cases of the virus started to soar and most of the countries in the world decided to close the borders and impose ban on traveling. That, probably, was one of the toughest times of our lives. We had to live in our apartments, work and study from there and spend the eternity alone in between the four walls.

Covid-19 literally killed the tourism for two years. The only way to see friends was zoom calls with them and only way to travel was to download the Google Earth and check out some of our favorite destinations. When I was getting tired of the Google Earth, I was going through some of the pictures of my previous trips and living in the moments. The effects of Covid-19 were even stronger on some countries, where the tourism is the major source of income. Many of these countries saw themselves declining in Economy that had disastrous effects on their development.

However, we managed to leave the Covid-19 back in the past and travel is once again allowed. This is why decided to give you the list of five European countries where tourism is the major source of income and that can give you one of the best experiences of your life after two years of staying at home.

Which European Countries Rely on Tourism the Most?

While Europe is a great continent for vacations as well as backpack traveling, there are some countries that offer more possibilities and activities than the others. Usually, these are the countries that provide the vacation opportunities not only for those who love sandy beaches and stunning sunsets, but similarly enjoy hiking in the mountains and snowy trails. Here we have the list of five European countries that has it all and offers you the great number of fun activities:


Greece has been the leader of the list for quite some time already. Almost 25% of Greek GDP relies on tourism. Well, I should admit I’m not surprised. Who can say no to tempting environment of Greek Islands like Mykonos, Crete or Corfu? And this is not everything. Greece is the paradise for history geeks with its ancient ruins and other cultural landmarks that has the great historic value.


Still considered as one of the underrated countries in Europe, Portugal takes the second place in the list. Tourism makes up to 20% of Portuguese GDP. Much like Greece, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Portugal has it all, whether you want to hike in the mountains near Spanish Border or Surf on the waves of Atlantic Ocean.


If in cases of Portugal and Greece everything was understandable, seeing Austria in this list really astonished me. Tourism generates 15% of Austrian GDP, thanks to stunning Alps and beautiful lakes all over the country. In addition, Austria hosts some of the most prestigious events every year. The list includes Formula 1 and MotoGP that sees more than 500,000 people visiting the country solely for these events.


The list wouldn’t be complete without Spain. The country is famous with its stunning beaches and perfect mountains. In addition, Spain is home of some of the most popular sport teams in the world: FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Every year millions of football fans visit the country to attend the matches. All these help Spain to generate 14% of their GDP from tourism.


Italy is the fifth in this list with 13% of their entire GDP coming from tourism. The country is the paradise for everyone who equally appreciates history, culture and aesthetical beauty of the country. Famous for its medieval beauty, Italy is the country where you can see stunning sunsets at the beaches, cold and freezing mountain tops and cozy, hidden villages. Besides, it won’t be overstatement, if we say that Italy is the “Gastronomic Capital of Europe” offering some of the best dishes in the world.


Europe is one of the best continents when it comes to tourism. It has so much to offer to travelers and tourists that you might get lost at first. These countries in the list are some of the marvels of the continent. However, don’t hesitate to go further and explore some underrated countries that don’t have as much hype as these places. You will be astonished by how much European countries has to offer you. Especially, after Covid-19, when everybody tries to get on their feet once again.