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Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me Chains

Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me Chains

16 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants With Patios in the U.S.

Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me. When you welcome a dog to your house, they immediately become part of your family. They’re always around during celebrations and holidays, and are always ready for excursions on the road. In a ideal future, owners of pets could take their pet companions with them everywhere, such as eating in their favorite restaurant.

If you’re looking to book a table for a small group with a dog It is essential to be aware of the rules and restrictions in your area. This article will help you understand the essential information you need to be aware of before you head out and our recommendations of the most popular restaurants that allow dogs across the United States.

What to Do Before You Take Your Dog to a Restaurant

Numerous state and city laws govern the capacity of restaurants to allow dogs to be on the premises. In this regard, it is important to study the specific regulations for your zip code before making sure your dog is excited about the journey.

If you’re unable to locate this information online, call the restaurant you’re planning to eat at and inquire what their policies are regarding furry companions. This way, you’ll be able to prepare the food and control the expectations of your loved ones (and your pet who is overly excited).

Can You Take Service Dogs to Restaurants?

While all dogs are able to perform the essential roles of the Best Cuddler and Greatest Fan Some dogs play an important part in the life of their owners. Service dogs that assist those who disabled are usually permitted in restaurants, for instance, where regular dogs are not allowed. If you’re not sure, call the restaurant to double-check that the service dog’s eligibility to have dinner with you.

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Health Tips to Keep in Mind for Dogs at Restaurants

Although there are plenty of pet-friendly restaurants throughout the United States However, not all of them are to be the same. Certain restaurants offer gourmet menus designed specifically for dogs, while others allow dogs to relax close to you. If you’re planning to bring your pet along on the ride, take into consideration the health issues they face. If you’re eating brunch outside during the hot days of summer, and the place isn’t shaded then you should probably keep your dog inside the comfort of your home’s air conditioning.

Also, if your pet is a fan of the schedule and dinner might be late for bed and you’re not sure how to move your reservation, think about making it to a later time. In order to ensure they’re secure and at peace take along your dog’s favorite toy or chew stick, along with an water bowl to take with you on the go in the event that the restaurant does not have one.

Dog-Friendly Restaurant Chains

Whichever ZIP area you reside in there’s a good chance you’ll locate one of these national eateries close by. If you want to try them, do so the next time you’re traveling with your pet. The best news ever, perhaps? They’re dog-friendly! So , bring your dog to enjoy the meal. Although it’s not a bad idea to call ahead to confirm that your local restaurant allows pets to accompany you.

There are several pet-friendly restaurants you can find virtually everywhere:

  • Dairy Queen
  • In-N-Out Burger
  • Sonic Drive-In
  • Shake Shack
  • Starbucks
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Olive Garden
  • Applebee’s
  • Panera Bread

Best East Coast Dog-Friendly Restaurants

If you’re located in the East Coast, you’ll want to take your dog to these local eateries. In addition to allowing pets, but many offer special menus for dogs!

Grain Craft Bar + Kitchen in Newark, Del.

Any time you go to this Delaware restaurant that is dog-friendly you can bring your dog along with you. Why is that? They have a specifically-designed temperature-controlled patio where canines (and the owners of them, naturally) can feel comfortable as they dine and drink. Although Grain Craft Bar + Kitchen isn’t a pet-friendly menu but they do have cookies and water for your furry friend.

Cambridge Brewing Company in Boston, Mass.

It is situated at Kendall Square in the heart of Cambridge The Kendall Square location in the middle of Cambridge Boston-based brewery provides plenty of seating and a large area for dogs … as well as their pet owners. You can sip an artisanal beer that is made locally and pet your dog and relax in the sun and positive vibes.

Best West Region Dog-Friendly Restaurants

In California and much of the West Coast, dogs are welcome nearly everywhere — including eateries. Here are a few options for you to consider next time you’re in the town.

The Forge in Carmel, Calif.

The town is sandwiched in between San Jose and Santa Maria along the California coast, Carmel is a small seaside town that is famous for its chic and trendy restaurants. Pet owners can have an enjoyable dining experience in Forge. Forge which offers a variety of menu options for their dogs. The Forge’s Canine menu comprises New York steaks, hamburger patties, hot dogs chicken strips, simple Kibble.

Pub Dog in Colorado Springs, Colo.

In case the name didn’t convey the message that this pet-friendly restaurant will go above and beyond to make your dog feel like the heart of their home. Pub Dog is the first and only! — restaurant in Colorado which has an outdoor play area. Inside there, you can take a drink, eat and play with your dog, and out in the open, the fun starts. The patio is outdoor and offers 1300 sq ft of eating space with shaded spots which shield pups from summer heat. Not to mention is the 3,000 square-foot, fully-fenced, off-leash space in which your dog can play while you meet with your pals. If they’ve run for until they’re full you can let your dog choose one of their menus for a satisfying end to the day.

Tin Shed Garden Cafe in Portland, Ore.

Furries of all sizes and breeds are welcome at this adorable cafe in the largest city of Oregon. While enjoying the outdoors and the sun, your pet can choose from the dog menu of food from Tin Shed Garden Cafe which offers one meal and one dessert choice.

The Attic in Palm Beach, Calif.

After a longand exhausting day in the office, nothing is as satisfying as an enjoyable brunch with your companions. Go step up by getting dressed up and taking your dog to this weekly rendezvous location. When you dine on the patio in the Attic located in Palm Beach, your pup can choose what they want from the menu available for dogs that includes filets and other vegetables bacon in the Southern style, and much more.

Portage Bay Cafe in Seattle, Wash.

All the family can enjoy brunch or breakfast outdoors at the beach in Seattle at this dog-friendly eatery. Although summer isn’t the most relaxing time to take your dog, Portage Bay Cafe will also offer blankets to keep your pet warm on winter months. Talk about winning (or is it woof-woof? ).

Best Midwest Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Everyone is warm and friendly in the Midwest So it only is natural for them to invite dogs to eat dinner with them. Take a look at these popular places the next time you and your dog are hungry.

Paradise Park in Chicago, Ill.

If you’re a fan Deep Dish pizza, you’ll be giddy over this pizza place. The décor is fun — think trailer park chic. The outdoor space is large enough for many dogs. For a more enjoyable experience you can choose from a range of seating options, including the floor cushions where you can pet your pet while eating. Woof!

Petite Chou by Patachou in Indianapolis, Ind.

Available daily between 8 a.m. until three p.m. for breakfast, lunch as well as brunch. This relaxed restaurant is perfect for dogs and their families. Apart from a mouthwatering menu for human patrons, they provide dog-friendly options, such as cookies and Ice cream.

Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the South

There’s nothing quite as delicious than that of the Southern part in the United States. What makes it more sweeter is being able to bring your dog along to brunch.

Rita’s on the River in San Antonio, Texas

While most restaurants that are dog-friendly allow dogs to sit in a terrace, Rita’s in the River in San Antonio goes a step over the rest by allowing dogs to dine in their air-conditioned outdoor courtyard. As summer is a time of temperatures of over 100 F in Texas This is a more secure dining experience for you and your pet. There’s a menu geared towards dogs that includes the dog-friendly white rice, ice cream that is topped with carrots and zucchini and a complimentary dog water Slushy.’

Yard Bar in Austin, Texas

If a restaurant’s Instagram is mostly filled with cute dogs, you can tell they’re fans of their four-legged friends. As the number of tourists visiting Austin and the surrounding areas, more people — and their pets! shifting to the Texas town. If you consider this ZIP number home, or you’re in the area, you can take your dog into The Yard, which is a dog-friendly eatery with an outdoor patio for dining. Be sure to ensure that your dog is 4 months of age, spayed or neutered and up-to-date in vaccines.

The Dog Bar in Charlotte, N.C.

On days when drinks are required to ease tension, it can be difficult for dog owners to leave, take a walk with the dog … then then muster up the energy to head back to the city. If you’re located in Charlotte You don’t need to do that since the Dog Bar lets dogs to be with their owners. They don’t require that dogs be older than 21 years old, however, they must be well-behaved when on- and off leash, have vaccinations up-to-date, and neutered or spayed.

FUEL Charleston in Charleston, S.C.

With adorable picnic tables and an large terrace, FUEL Charleston will let you soak up vitamin D while eating tasty food. It’s a pet-friendly restaurant that has the patio seating available for pet parents as well as their furry companions for dinner, lunch, or happy hour.

Porch Swing Pub in Houston, Texas

If you’re looking for a relaxed dining experience in the middle of Texas Consider visiting the Porch Swing Pub. It’s casual and cozy and is a great place to take dogs with leashes of sizes of all kinds on their patio. Think outdoor tables, craft beers and plenty of tails wagging!

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Yaga’s Cafe in Galveston, Texas

If you’re looking to eat well and enjoy an enjoyable ambience, Yaga’s Cafe located in Galveston will become your new go-to place. Although dogs are expected to be well-behaved but they should also be ready to meet new people as the staff are willing to meet new pups. They’ll even bring chilled water to bowls to make sure your dog’s whistle is wet. What a great the service!

Lazy Dog Cafe, Locations Vary

The name of the restaurant says it all It’s not just pet-friendly, it’s also dog-themed! When you arrive, your dog will receive a water bowl and, obviously, there’s a menu designed to their preferences. There are options for grilled chicken, hamburger, brown rice as well as other canine-friendly favourites. There are many places all over California there are also locations located in Texas, Nevada, Virginia, Florida, and other states.