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Best Wineries in Bangalore

Best Wineries in Bangalore

When it comes to wine the most important thing is do you like wine or not. Everything else is the outer layer. There are some famous and interesting Wineries and Vineyards in Bangalore. So, if you like wine and love to taste it and explore the place where your wine is manufactured, here are some of the places in and around Bangalore.

Grover Zampa Vineyard

It is located 40 kilometers away from Bangalore in the north. It is one of the famous vineyards in India. They produce one of the most famous wines in the country. They export their wines to more than 25 countries and produce more than 25 varieties of wines. There are 2 winery tours in a day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The tour starts with the winery tour where they show grape crushing units to the packaging. They have a very big fermentation room where the wine is made. They have over 90 tanks with the capacity of 1000 liters of wine, which makes up with the grape juice along with sugar and yeast. They have one of the famous wines that is Grover La Reserve.  The most interesting unit is the barrel room, where they age the premium brands of wine. After this they would arrange grape stomping, which is a traditional method of winemaking. They do have a wine tasting session which are arranged by professionals in their exclusive tasting center.

Kinvah Wineries/ Nandi Vineyard

It is 32 kilometers away from Bangalore. If you were to arrive at this place in the afternoon they would provide you with a nice lunch. And then the real wine tour starts. Usually they would allow 2 batches in a day. They have a vast area for manufacturing wine. And a good lab to test the wine quality is also available. They show you all these as part of the tour. The wine is manufactured in huge steel containers. They have wooden wine storage containers, which are usually used during seasonal times. They will also allow you to look into the huge empty containers, which makes you feel like you are in a cave made of steel! Post wine tour they will give you 8 varieties of wines to taste. There is also a small vineyard in the factory, which they will allow you to see. Even they have a grape stomping activity, which is now used for fun.

Big Banyan Vineyard

They first take to a theater, where they will show the making of wine in a virtual manner so that you would have an idea before you actually start your tour. They will give a lesson on how to actually hold the glass of wine and the types of glasses for different wines and different steps in tasting the wine. It would be a fun and informative session to know on the tour in wineries. Then they will take you to the Vineyard tour. The land, soil, and the climate are the crucial factors that decide the growth and taste of the grapes for wine. If you want to see nicely ripened grapes, then you can go in mid February or early March, which are ripened and ready to harvest. There are some nice wines that you would be provided to taste, which gives assertiveness to your palate.

Kadu Winery

It is located in Ramanagara in Karnataka. It is 80 kilometers away from Bangalore. It is also called Sula Winery or Heritage Winery. There are 4 branches of it in India. The 1st one being in Nashik, Maharashtra. The Kadu Winery has such a pleasant view with nice grape climbers all over the Vineyard. It has a great exterior with the theme of both wine and nature and some of its property passes through a tiger reserve hence the entrance of it is made to reflect the tiger stripes. It is more about the fun and informative things to stay and tour here. They explain to you about the cultivation of grapes, viticulture technology to crush the grapes, the fermentation process to make wine and many more. And it would be fascinating to see how the grapes get separated from stems of the climbers with the technology. Post winery tour they would allow you to taste some of the most award winning wines. And another usual session is grape stomping. So do visit the place to test and taste your favorite wine!