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Best ways to increase likes on your Instagram

As a result, if you ask any young person whether they are on Instagram or not, you will receive a 95% yes as an answer. Because the second social media platform after Facebook is Instagram itself, It is important to increase likes on your Instagram.

If you have a business page, then it is very important that your posts get more likes. This increases the confidence of new users in your brand. And in this article, we are going to tell you the solution to this.

Some Instagram stats of 2022

  • 33% of B2B companies are now using Instagram.
  • There are more than 200 million business accounts on Instagram.
  • About 130 million users click on Instagram shopping posts every month.
  • There are more than 2 billion Instagram users in total every month.
  • More than 1000 photos are uploaded on this platform every second.
  • Most brands use an average of 3 to 9 hashtags in a post.
  • Accounts with over 100,000 followers post more videos than photos on their stories.
  • According to the survey, video posts get 38% more engagement than image posts.

Provide entertaining or informative content

If you want to increase likes on your Instagram, then you have to create entertaining or informative content. Because most people on social media stay online because of this.

Why do you follow any particular account? If you know the reason, then you will not have to think much to create content. And if you have a brand, then you can promote it by creating entertainment content too.

There are many brands that create such content on social media, which people also enjoy watching. You can take ideas from their content.

Consider following other creators in your niche

If you think that you can increase the likes on your Instagram alone then you are wrong. Because this is very difficult to happen when you have a new account and not many people know you.

That is why it is better that you follow those people who share content related to your niche. And they should not have more followers. You can talk to them about what is right and wrong with the content.

And you must share each other’s content on your profile. This will increase the likes on both of your posts. And more people will know you.

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Don’t overuse hashtags

By the way, you must have heard from many people that to increase likes on your Instagram, you should use more and more hashtags. But social media experts say that only 7 or 10 hashtags are enough for a post.

And you should only use relevant hashtags for your content. Posts will be visible to potential users who like that kind of content,

And you must also put 2 or 3 trending hashtags in it. Because with hashtags your posts reach those people who do not follow your account.

Ask your friends to promote your account

If you want to increase the likes on your Instagram, then you have to promote your account. You must have often seen that many people mention an account in their story.

This increases the brand awareness of that account and also its followers and likes. You can also get your account mentioned by asking your friends. With this, you will see increasing engagement quickly.


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