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Best VoIP Apps for Business

Best VoIP Apps for Business

You must stay connected to clients and easily follow the team members on the one go? The mobile workforce is increasing with rapid speed. It is important to use mobile apps to improve business communication. 

Employees use their cell phones to make calls? Don’t you find, it is an easy process. In some cases, the business has interactions with clients, teammates, and customers from different prospects on the daily basis. You mostly need VoIP or softphone apps. 

These apps not only allow you to make business phone calls on your phone, but some of them also provide you with a complete business communications system on your computer or phone. That’s why we are talking about all-in-one phone calls, instant messaging, video conferencing, faxing, and make a contact centre services.

What is a VoIP App?

The latest technology VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) essentially allows you to make phone calls over the Internet. And VoIP apps allow you to do just that, as well as texting, SMS, and video conferencing. (Or at least some of them do.) All you have to do is download the app to your phone or computer. Here’s what Dialpad’s desktop looks like, for example.

The most important point is that apps are free to download. To make phone calls on the app, you’ll nearly always need to have an actual voice plan. Before you can use the VoIP app to make calls or send SMS messages, you’ll need to sign up for a voice plan with a business phone provider (we’ve got a variety of options below with price information).

Otherwise, you can install the software on your computer or smartphone, but it will be useless.

3 Reasons Businesses are using VoIP Apps

  • Mobility:

The usage of VoIP apps is used for perfect communication. It is one of the major reasons, VoIP apps are so popular among small and large companies. You just need a mobile phone and a stable internet connection, set on a Wifi or the 5G network connection. There is no more landline is required. You can easily access your business from the landline, wherever you want.

While using VoIP, some VoIP apps flip calls between the devices. For example, you can also make a call on the desktop app, you can easily switch the calls without any interruptions and dropping.

  • Accessibility

There is Another significant benefit of utilizing VoIP applications to make phone calls. The majority of apps are compatible with a variety of operating systems and devices. That means you may use your computer, desk phone, and cell phone to dial your business phone lines.

Not everyone in your workplace will be using the same devices, but VoIP apps (beware of apps that aren’t universal, meaning they don’t have a desktop or Android versions) allow them to use the phone app whether they’re on Android or iOS, PC or Mac.

  • Cost-effectiveness

VoIP apps are free to download, and VoIP phone systems are generally less expensive (particularly for annual subscribers versus month-to-month customers) both upfront and over time than traditional PBX phone systems, which require major hardware purchases as well as upkeep. Although you won’t get free calls, some carriers provide unlimited calling on their plans.

Dialpad, for example, charges $15 per user per month for the most basic phone plan, which includes unlimited talking, SMS, and MMS (along with other features like an auto-attendant, and custom voicemail greetings, and more).

Best VoIP Apps for Businesses in 2022

1. Dialpad

Dialpad allows you to call, message, and meet with clients, teammates, and more—all from your computer or mobile device. (There’s even a platform for running a call centre.) You can make and transfer calls from the app using whichever caller ID you like (it might be your personal business number or extension, or your main company line).

While on a phone call, you can use the mobile app to open up screen sharing, and you can even switch your call from your phone to your computer (or vice versa) without disrupting your chat. In the app, you can also check your voicemails. Dialpad not only plays back your voicemail messages, but it also transcribes them:

2. CloudTalk App

CloudTalk is a phone system for sales and support teams that are hosted in the cloud. This VoIP phone service is mostly aimed at businesses looking to improve their customer service or close more sales. CloudTalk can work with a variety of tools, including CRM and e-commerce platforms.


  • Recording of calls 
  • Track the location 
  • Make calls on click 
  • Provide complete call Summary 
  • Route and queue the calls 

Price: cloud talk app plans start at a $20 monthly basis and are billed annually. 

3. Ooma Office

Ooma Office is a VoIP service provider that caters to both small and large organizations. Hardware, as well as a mobile and desktop app, is available from the VoIP service. They do charge for voicemail transcriptions, and their most basic package does not include call recordings. (The most basic Dialpad package includes unlimited call recording.)

In addition, Ooma’s mobile VoIP app lacks video conferencing, which should be a standard feature.

If you’re looking for a business phone system, there are a few options.


  • Make Conference calling
  • Make Desk-to-desk calls
  • Automated attendant

Price: Ooma office Plans start at a $19.95 monthly basis per user

4. Freshcaller

Freshcaller is a phone system and contact centre software that is part of the Freshworks family of products. Freshcaller has a mobile VoIP UK app that allows you to make and receive calls as well as raise tickets (it seems to be quite a contact centre-focused).

Despite the fact that Freshcaller has a free plan, you will have to pay to use it. You’d have to buy a phone number and pay for both incoming and outgoing minutes.

Basic services like call conferencing, voicemail, basic call queues, call monitoring, and IVR aren’t available until you upgrade to a higher paid tier—and once you do the arithmetic, you’d probably get something similar or even more robust with one of the other top options’ basic paid plan.


  • Pay only per-minute calling
  • Interactive Voice Response (paid)
  • Reporting dashboards (paid)

Price: Freshcaller offers a very basic free plan. Paid plans start at $15 per month.