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Benefits, uses and harms of celery (Ajwain)

Benefits, uses and harms of celery (Ajwain)

Ajwain is very beneficial for health. Ajwain, which gives new energy to the immune system, benefits the body in taking steam along with eating celery. The benefits of ajwain steam are many, from stomach pain to gas problems can be relieved by its consumption. Although ajwain can be eaten at any time, did you know that eating ajwain at night can give you better results? Eating ajwain before sleeping at night makes your digestive system work better. Also, it can get rid of other problems. Let us know in detail the health benefits (Ajwain Benefits) of eating celery before sleeping at night –

1. For the skin

Ajwain can also have benefits for the skin. A substance found in celery, thymol, can help treat skin infections. In addition, it also has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial activity, which can remove the problem of fungus, bacteria and inflammation from the skin.

2. For hair

In such a situation, oil made from carom seeds can provide adequate nutrition to the hair, preventing hair problems from developing. By providing adequate nutrition to the hair, this oil can protect it from the problem of loss and breakage, at present there is no scientific evidence available in this regard.

3. For blood pressure

There is a risk of many fatal problems when blood pressure increases, so it is important to keep blood pressure in balance. For which consuming celery can prove to be a good remedy, it is found to be rich in thymol, which can aid in lowering blood pressure, as the calcium channel blocking effect of celery plays an important role in heart rate and blood pressure. could

4. For Digestion

It can relieve many stomach related problems, one of which is digestion, sometimes the diet is not digested properly. The use of celery can prove beneficial for the digestive system, which can cause problems in the stomach.

5. For Kidney Stone

The benefits of eating celery can also be to get relief from kidney stones, according to scientific research, celery has diuretic properties. As a diuretic, it can reduce the amount of calcium in urine, which in turn prevents kidney stones from forming.

6. Lose Weight

The benefits of eating roasted celery can be to reduce body weight. There is some evidence that celery can keep the appetite calm and reduce obesity, it can reduce weight, and it contains some fiber. Which can help in improving the functioning of the metabolism, this can make food easier to digest, as well as fibre can also help in keeping hunger pangs for a long time. Due to which the weight can be kept under control, so it can be said that there can be benefits of carom seeds for weight loss.

7. Colds, Flu and Viral Infections

In According to a scientific study conducted by the International Journal of Pharmacy and Life Science, about 50% of the antimicrobial properties of celery seed are thymol, while thyme strengthens the body’s immune system. Immune system), which can keep colds, flu and other viral infections away.

Can be consumed like this:

  • Cooking carom seeds in hot water and taking steam provides relief from cold, cough and cold.
  • Boiling celery and honey in hot water and drinking it in the form of tea is beneficial for the lungs.
  • Its antimicrobial properties when taken with ginger juice keep the intestines healthy and increase appetite.
  • Drinking ajwain water gives relief from headache.
  • If there is a problem of sleeplessness at night, then drinking a cup of water of carom seeds before sleeping is beneficial.
  • Ajwain also helps in increasing the digestion power. Among its uses are the treatment of indigestion, abdominal pain in babies, etc.