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Beginner’s Guide to Wholesale Real Estate

There are very few strategies for investing in property that are as risk-free and rewarding as wholesale real property. Many wholesalers have transformed their businesses into multimillion-dollar businesses despite having virtually no capital. bojand sons .This level of achievement is appealing. For those who are new this is a long way to go from the established wholesalers, particularly because they aren’t as clear regarding how to sell real property.


How to Wholesale Real Estate in 3 Phases

If you’re trying to learn how to market real estate wholesale there are three steps you must complete in order in order to get the best results. The process is best completed in stages. will help you stay in the right direction.

Phase One: Develop Your Wholesaling Strategy

If you’re just beginning you can expect that your success as a wholesaler is contingent on your plan. It is recommended that you create this plan before bringing your business on the market to avoid costly errors. bojand sons

Understand Your Local Real Estate Market

If you’re looking to ensure that you’re earning a profit every time you buy a property then you must know the market in your area.

You must have information on:

  • The difference between the listing price and the price at which it was sold
  • How many homes will be sold each month?
  • The average days of the market
  • The number of foreclosures is the average.

When analyzing these numbers Be sure to focus your research to properties within the neighborhood you intend to target and also on properties that are sold in their current condition.

It may be necessary to do more than a quick Zillow lookup, as a lot of buyers buying homes do not use websites similar to Zillow to find homes. bojand sons

Additionally, when you consider how fast the housing market is changing keep your records update each quarter to ensure that you have the most current information on the markets that you’re interest in.

Determine Where to Find Distressed Sellers

Are you going to approach homeowners who are pre-foreclosures or homeowners who are in need of help or homeowners in the same neighborhood? Do you plan to rely on advertisements to convince sellers to reach out or to make the first contact with people who are desperate to sell?

These questions can aid you in determining the strategy for your business and determine your budget.

Before you choose a certain method, be aware that each has pros and cons, and prices. So, it is important to determine which is the most beneficial for your business in the long term. bojand sons

Create a Criteria for Your Homes

Another important aspect of understanding how to market property is analyzing and creating guidelines for the properties that you’re going to target.

This method should be base on the information you’ve gather while researching the type of properties that are sold in their current condition. identify: bojand sons

The design, age and price, as well as the size, location, and condition of the home you’re purchasing.

Phase Two: Approach Sellers

Once you’ve devised your plan and have it in place, you’ll have a better knowledge of how to sell wholesale real estate and begin to approach sellers.

Create Your Wholesaling Contract

Before you start contacting buyers, consult an attorney who specializes in real estate to draw up an agreement. Your contract should clearly outline the terms of the contract as well as what happens when the property is sold and what if circumstances permit the seller or you to violate the agreement.

Introduce Your Business to Your Demographic

If you’re cold calling and sending out mail to each address as well as advertising via Facebook or through local radio ads, now that your have a contract signed, you must begin to market your company.

When you start to receive the attention of homeowners, make appointments for them to look over the property. Before you go to the property, look over the past of the property to figure out how much the home is worth. bojand sons

Put in Offers and Be Willing to Negotiate

It is best to simplify the process. From the moment the homeowner calls you, you should give you no more than 3 days to go to the home and submit an offer.

Your offers should range from 40-60 percent of the property’s fair value. This lets you sell the home at under 80 percent the fair market value, and still earn profits. bojand sons

When you’re submitting your offer, you should always allow for the seller to counter-offer. This means that the initial price should not be the maximum price you’re willing to the house. Ideally you should make it 10 percent less. This allows the seller to counterofferand you can make an offer that is final. This technique makes sellers believe that they’re receiving more for their property, while you’re adhering to the standard practice.

Finalize the Offer

Give each homeowner a time frame to take the offer. The majority of wholesalers adhere with a time limit of 24 hours. This makes it difficult for sellers to search for alternative offers and makes them to consider seriously your offer. Also, 24 hours guarantees that you don’t have to wait for a long time.

Phase Three: Find Buyers

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of learning to wholesale real estate for novice is figuring out where to find buyers. bojand sons

It’s not selling homes that are ready for move-in. Instead you’re selling fixer-uppers that are ripe for flippers or landlords willing to make minor improvements on the property prior to renting the property out. The buyers could be comprise of investors looking to add more properties on their portfolio.

In light of this an actual sale that includes an agent commission isn’t a good idea. Find out the top property agents to make it easier selling your home.

List on a Flat Fee MLS

The majority of wholesalers have a pool of buyers who trust their experience and are eager to make bids on their homes, however, as a novice it may take many years to create a network. One option is to list the properties that you are buying with an MLS that charges a flat fee MLS.

Flat Fee MLS allows you to advertise your property at the lowest cost, usually between $99-$399 and then syndicate the property to your local MLS and on other sites such as Zillow. bojand sons

However, as wholesalers, your primary focus should be on finding a flat-fee MLS that focuses on selling directly to buyers. A website like Houzeo is a great choice. As per Houzeo reviewers the company has helped wholesalers sell properties, as well as many investors purchase houses.

If you’re hoping to reach the same amount of success mention within Houzeo reviews, it is recommend to have your properties listed at less than 80 percent of their worth.

Even if you already have the buyers you want with a website such as Houzeo is still the best option, since it lets you directly sell to buyers without having to pay a fee to an estate agent.