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Are we going to winter? Russia has changed the clock during the constant winter

It is known that in October 2014, Russia adopted a constant winter (zone) time, and before that, from 2011 to 2014, summertime was always effective. Until 2011, Russians lived according to the “seasonal” time, which means that the clock goes back twice a year.

Funny thing! Russia’s mission control center never changes time – it always works according to Moscow’s wintertime.

Currently, many are concerned about the question: will the summertime change in Russia in 2015, when will the clock be switched on, what date and when. It can already be said with certainty and certainty that there will be no change in daylight saving time in 2015 in our country. However, no one can guarantee that the time will be winter forever: no one has yet revoked the love of lawmakers for change.

Thus, keep in mind that there will be no daylight saving time in 2015.

For the first time in the history of the world, the watch was moved to the United Kingdom. And it happened in 1907. This tradition came to Russia in 1981, when the clock was changed to save the first daylight, although since 1917 in our country a “cowardly” attempt to “time reform” was known. Why do we change the clock in summer? Many argue that by changing the course of time, we increase the time of daylight by one hour, for which electricity is consumed in an economic model since most of us turn on indoor lights one hour later. And in winter, the hands of the clock go back an hour so that we can sleep more and not leave our warm bed before sunrise, which, according to doctors, is quite unfavorable for the body.

Curious! In some countries, the watch hand is never translated. Reason: Religious doctrine. In Japan and China, for example, they believe that “playing with time is not within a person’s ability.”

The hands of the watch are usually reset twice a year. Summer is set on the last Sunday in April and winter is set on the last Sunday in October. What time does the arrow translate? It happens at 3 o’clock, i.e. at night, so it is advisable to move the clock before going to bed, i.e. on Saturday evening.

Don’t worry about your modern Gazi. They are so “smart” that they do not need to change their mechanical watch, it happens automatically without the intervention of their owners.

Fun! Where to move the watch: front or back, the name of the season in which it occurs tells us. “Spring” – “next” one hour, “autumn” – one hour “behind”.

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In 2015, there will be no daylight saving time in the Russian Federation. In October 2014, Russia moved the clock back one hour and switched to constant wintertime. More precisely, this period is called the region, not winter. Note that the rest of the countries have already changed their clocks during the summer of March 2014 (the night of March 30).