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An Updated Guide to Fix QuickBooks Black and White screen

An Updated Guide to Fix QuickBooks Black and White screen

Issues are common in QuickBooks, whether it’s display issues, technical glitches, or any other. Sometimes, users see QuickBooks Black and White screen while operating the program or performing a certain task. The issue usually arises when video card drivers get outdated or screen resolution is not set up correctly. Due to the black and white screen, users sometimes end up losing their data, or the icons go missing. Using QuickBooks Desktop after a long time can also trigger this issue. Read the blog below to understand other prominent causes and troubleshooting solutions to fix the QuickBooks screen turns black and white issue. 

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What are the primary reasons for the QuickBooks Grey screen?

Below are some of the major causes that turn QuickBooks screen black:

1. The QuickBooks Desktop is corrupted and haven’t been used for a long duration of time.

2. The video drivers you are using are not compatible with your QuickBooks version.

3. Screen resolution is not set up correctly.

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Most Effective methods to Deal with QuickBooks Black screen issue

Method 1. Reset the Windows theme to Basic

1. Go to your desktop, right-click anywhere and choose Personalize.

2. Pick any one of the Windows Basic Themes and restart your workstation.

3. Now, open QuickBooks and check if the issue is fixed.

Method 2. Alter the QBW.ini file

1. Close the QuickBooks Desktop application, click the Windows icon and paste the correct file path in the search.

2. Open the file, move to the end and copy and paste the text given below in the file:

3. Now save the file and open QuickBooks again.

Method 3. Get the updated video card drivers

1. Tap the Windows and R keys jointly on your keyboard to open the Run box and type dxdiag in the Run box.

2. Tap the Enter key, choose Display 1 and note down the Manufacturer/Model.

3. Next, download the latest updates if required.

Method 4. Use Quick Fix my Program Tool from the Tool Hub to fix black and white screen issue

1. Close the company file, then QuickBooks Desktop, and download the setup file of the latest QuickBooks Tool Hub version from Intuit’s website.

2. When the file downloads completely, save it to your Windows desktop for easy access and start the installation process.

3. To install, follow the on-screen steps and mark the agree to the terms and conditions box.

4. Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub when the installation completes and go to the Program Problems tab.

5. Choose Quick Fix my Program and let it resolve issues within QuickBooks.

We have now reached the end of our blog. Hopefully, the techniques discussed above will help you overcome QuickBooks Black and White screen issue. If you can’t fix the problem and need help from expert’s, contact the QuickBooks technical support team for assistance by calling us on our toll-free number 1-855-856-0042.

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