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Amazing Array Of Dabbing Tools For The Best Smoking Experience        

Dabbing gained popularity since 2012. Initially, bangers had titanium nails and had become instantly popular. Within a decade you are flooded with options. Now, you can choose Borosilicate, Ceramic, Titanium, or Quartz. However, Quartz bangers have gained immense popularity in comparison to others. It offers amazing durability and very good heat retention compared to other materials. It is also known for its amazing flavor compared to traditional glass, ceramic, or titanium nails. The bucket-shaped design helps the user to dab large amounts of weed concentrate in a single session without any wastage.

female quartz banger

Size and Shape 

The female quartz banger has a 90-degree angle where the nail sits at a level to ensure even vaporization. You can get them in various sizes such as 14mm and 18 mm ones which can fit any male jointed dab rig. To use this banger; you need to heat the bucket and put the wax inside with the help of a tool and start inhaling the weed. It may be a good idea to pair the dab nail with a carb cap.

Types of Female Quartz Bangers

Here is a list of types of female quartz bangers that you can get online. 

Thermal Quartz Banger

This double-walled banger offers very good heat retention. It can heat both the outside and the inside walls and can retain heat longer than other types of bangers. Moreover, it comes with a bubble cap. This allows the user to take large dabs without any reheating. Seasoned dabbers mostly prefer this type of female quartz banger.

Opaque Bottom Banger

These bangers feature an opaque bottom that enables longer heat retention. The bottom retains the heat, but the side walls cool down fast. This helps in retaining the heat and enjoying banging for a long time. This is very well received by regular dabbers. Moreover, it does not require much time to heat up. 

Cadmium Bangers

These are also known as color-changing bangers since it changes color from a bright orange when it is very hot to a bright yellow tinge when cold. Once you start using it, you can find out the perfect shade for the temperature that gives you the best dabbing experience.

Female Quartz Banger With Inserts

The insert is a new idea. It helps to prevent the heat from escaping so that you can continue to enjoy dabbing without reheating. You need to drop the concentrate inside along with the insert and as soon as it starts smoking you can start dabbing. This is helpful since only the insert gets dirty. 

Summing Up

If you are looking for the perfect banger for yourself, you can go for a female quartz banger. This is the most popular banger these days. However, you need to first watch your dab rig. Bangers are available in various sizes. Although bangers are designed in such a way that they fit most dab rigs, you need to make sure that the size is not disproportionate. Once the size is decided, you have the option to choose from several bangers. Indeed, there is a variety of bangers available in the market.