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<strong>A guide to fixing QuickBooks Error Code 6106, 1069</strong>

A guide to fixing QuickBooks Error Code 6106, 1069

Another very common 6000 series error that can occur in your desktop from nowhere. And this again targets the company files. It isn’t new for the users to understand that this error can pose a lot of problems and frustration. Whenever you are trying to access the company file and get QuickBooks Error Code 6106, 1069 there are different ways to fix the problem. But before heading for the solution we suggest you read the blog completely.

The Error codes -6106,1069 is an error that can occur due to corrupted configuration files in your company file. If somehow you have damaged the configuration files- that can lead to this error. And in some cases when people try to access their file, the firewall blocks the network. And usually this problem happens when you are in multi-user mode. 

What can be the trigger points of QuickBooks error 6106 1069?

In order to fix Error code 6106 in Quickbooks you will have to first figure out the cause of this problem. Here are some common reasons amongst the several questionable reasons.

  • It can be triggered if you have been using an outdated version of your operating system.
  • If the Quickbooks database server manager is damaged due to some or the other reason.
  • A corrupt installation of Quickbooks can also be a reason for this problem.
  • The intrusion of a third-party software can also cause this error to happen on your device.
  • It can also happen if the company files or desktop application is damaged or corrupted due to some reason. 

Solving the issue of QuickBooks error 6106 1069.

According to the reason for your problem; a solution can be determined. There are multiple ways to fix this issue and one of the best amongst them is repairing the QBDataServiceUserXX..

Solution: Repairing the QBDataServiceUserXX if needed

After checking the Windows versions and updates, QB versions and updates, the next important thing is to check the data user service. If it is damaged due to any reason, we suggest you should try and fix it. Here is how you can repair the damaged QBDataServiceUserXX to get rid of QuickBooks Error Code 6106, 1069

  • Head to the “Windows Start” button and then type in “Control Panel” in the search box that’s given there. After that you will have to simply click on the “Administrative Tools” option and then click on “services.”
  • Next you will have to just click on “Quickbooks Software” and its rightful version. And from the drop down that you see, just select “properties.” You will see a drop-down list of options there.
  • Now, you need to simply click “Log” on the option tab and then click the checkbox of “Local System Account” after which you just need to hit the “Ok” button.
  • After this you will just have to close the “services window” that was opened on the screen. And the next step is to launch the Quickbooks software once again.


As soon as you complete this process, there will be no QuickBooks Error Code 6106, 1069 on your screen. It will be gone for good. But if you still happen to get the issue, just contact the number on our website. It will give you a chance for immediate help. You can simply talk to our experts and know the best way to resolve the problem.

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