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9 Ways to Celebrate Your Toddler’s Birthday In Your Backyard

9 Ways to Celebrate Your Toddler’s Birthday In Your Backyard

When living in a big city like Dubai, many parents struggle to come up with outdoor birthday party packages for their three-year-olds. The concept of just sitting them in front of an iPhone looks to be the greatest solution for children who aren’t quite old enough to be swept up in Disney Princess Fever or LEGO Madness. But here’s a little secret: for three-year-old birthday celebrations, the outdoors is a crowd-pleaser. Furthermore, kids may run about freely outside without fear of knocking down the lights, poking forks in plugs, or carrying a coffee table corner inside the dome.

They may also participate in outdoor party activities, roll about in the mud, and learn about the world around them. You may unwind and enjoy a cleaner atmosphere during this time.

With that in mind, here are some fantastic ideas for your toddler’s garden birthday parties in Dubai, which they will love.

1.  A Dinosaur’s Excavation

Allowing children to pretend to be paleontologists is not as tough as you may assume. Fill a sandbox halfway with sand. Purchase and bury dinosaur toys as well. Give the young scientists shovels, brushes, and magnifying glasses, and let them loose! It’s certainly worth it to watch how enthralled children may get simply by experiencing a feeling of discovery in the garden.

2.  Create a Time Machine

Allow youngsters to make a list of their favorite items by drawing and writing them down (with your help). Then, in a jar, lay the letters and souvenirs for them to decorate as they choose. Bury the “time capsule” behind a tree in the backyard and dig it up the next year on their birthday.

3.  Visit a Farm

Finding animals in their natural environment is a simple way to include animals in your child’s birthday party. That, too, without having to host a furry gathering at your house. It’s typically as easy as searching “farm near me” for a local farmer that accepts guests on a regular basis and calling to arrange a birthday visit. In addition, the children will be able to see a farm in action, learn about where their food comes from, and handle a few animals.

4.  Treasure Hunt Scavenger Hunt

Create a backyard treasure hunt with photos as clues, as reading might be challenging for anyone who hasn’t yet completed Kindergarten. Print out photos of several landmarks in a park or your own home. Place each one in the location where the next will be discovered. In addition, use four or five photographs as “clues” to direct kids to the reward, which might be sweets, toys, or anything else your child adores.

5.  Build a Construction Site

Give each of your visitors a hard hat and let them create anything they want out of Legos, blocks, and whatever other “construction” supplies you have on hand. Allowing children to be inventive and pretend to create whatever they want outside is the focus of this activity.

6.  Host a critter-themed get-together.

By purchasing (or crafting) a couple headbands with ears and fluffy tails, youngsters may dress up as their favorite animals. It’s even better if you have a few bunnies, birds, dogs, or cats for the children to pet. You’ll also earn a bonus if you finish the party with a viewing of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

7.  A day at the “Beach”

Visit a nearby beach, either on a lake or in the ocean. You don’t have access to any natural sand stretches with water nearby? Dump sand on a sheet to make a “beach,” complete with a kiddie pool and a slip n’ slide. Create a sandcastle contest and an ice cream shop to keep youngsters amused while also providing the necessary “loose structure” for toddlers.

8.  Art in the Park Festival

This outdoor party idea only requires getting out some chalk and finger paint, putting canvas on fences and trees, and letting kids go Picasso in your garden (but make sure you use all washable inks and paints). Do you want to go the extra mile? Allow the children to decorate their cupcakes for the birthday cake portion of the celebration.

9.  Sports

Do you have a future Olympian on your hands? Dress up partygoers in the jerseys of their favorite sports team. Set up a basketball hoop from Little Tikes, a soccer pitch, and any other sports equipment you have on hand. Allow the youngsters to go wild while enjoying their favorite outdoor games. These team-building exercises like a trampoline, rock climbing, and the largest zipline in Dubai also assist the young ones in developing some useful abilities. We’ll leave it up to you to determine if everyone gets a medal at the end of the day.

Overall, all of these outdoor birthday party activities will be a great way for toddlers to celebrate their birthday. They will enjoy, play, and have fun with their little buddies in the same way that their parents do.