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7 Amazing Benefits of FUT Hair Transplant

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is also referred to as strip surgery or linear exertion because it involves taking a thin strip. The hair is transplanted in naturally occurring groups of 1 to 4 hairs. During the FUT hair transplant procedure, your doctor cuts a piece of your skin from the back of your scalp. The right side of the scalp will be based on the number of hair follicles required to cover bald spots. 

Usually, this strip will not exceed 1 to 1.5 centimeters wide. After removing the individual hair follicles from the strip, they will be reinserted into your scalp. The surgery takes about 4 to 8 hours to complete. But it is generally quicker compared to FUT. This post will discuss the FUT hair transplant cost and its benefits. Keep reading.

The FUT Hair Transplant Cost

The main cost of a FUT hair transplant is typically between $4000 to $10,000 FUT hair transplant cost can even be higher in some clinics. Some factors determine the cost of this surgery, and these include;

  • The amount of hair requiring transplantation. Most clinics usually charge you based on the number of hair follicles requiring transplantation. However, some clinics offer a fixed price.
  • The surgeon. The experience of the surgeon and clinic tends to affect the cost of this surgery.
  • Travel expenses. Suppose you will travel for this procedure. Make sure to also budget for the travel expenses.
  • The Location. Clinics in other cities tend to charge you more compared to others.

Like other cosmetic treatments, health insurance will not cover the FUT technique. This is because it is known to be cosmetic surgery. But if you lost your hair from burns or trauma, you can consider using your insurance cover. Other clinics also offer payment plans like paying for the surgery in several installments.

Benefits of FUT Hair Transplant

There are many reasons why a FUT hair transplant is the best choice. These reasons include the following;

Larger Area of Transplantation

Suppose the target area to be transplanted is more significant. You should opt for FUT because it is efficient. However, a potential limitation of this treatment is that you will take longer to recover and will have a more extensive scar in the donor area. But if you are not worried about these possible disadvantages and are more about getting grafts of high quality, you should opt for FUT.

Hair Quality

No matter what hair restoration process you have opted for, the aim is typically to get the transplant’s best benefits. Therefore, your hair restoration will look better if you have higher-quality grafts extracted from the donor site. The procedure will produce better hair quality. This is excellent news if you are more focused on the quality of the hair grafts. Hair grafts will be collected in strips and dissected into tiny follicular units during the treatment. 

Containing the hair follicles in a strip will help prevent the grafts from being damaged and keep the protective tissue in the root follicles from dying. It also helps to safeguard them from injury during the treatment. In the FUT procedure, the resection is much lower compared to FUE. This means more roots will be left intact, making them the best choice for high-quality transplants.

It Is More Affordable

FUE involves collecting hair follicles individually, which will take time to complete. But when it comes to FUT hair restoration treatment, large areas will be transplanted because it yields a larger space at once. And this will result in a less complicated process and is, therefore, more affordable.

It is a Permanent Solution

A doctor typically recommends some medicines and topicals for hair restoration. But these only offer a temporary solution. Methods like hair weaving can be ideal if your hair loss is mild. But if you suffer from severe hair loss, hair transplantation is the best option. The outcome of FUT treatment is more permanent.

Your Look Gets Enhanced

If you have low hair density or are suffering from baldness, you might be having self-esteem issues. Your self-esteem might be lowered because you are unhappy with your overall look. Even this indirectly will affect your relationship, at work hence poor performance. If this is the case, hair transplantation will help fill the patches of baldness naturally. Eventually, after FUT hair transplantation, you will be confident in yourself professionally and personally.

FUT Has Low Maintenance

This is a hidden advantage of undergoing the FUT hair transplant process. This is because, with other treatments, you must use medicated shampoos or conditioners or go to the stylist regularly. All these lead to costs of maintenance. 

Again, the care continues around the year. But when it comes to the FUT hair transplant, you will receive a permanent hair solution. The doctors will only treat the affected sites, which will lead to the natural growth of hair follicles. Also, you will not require to use special shampoos or conditioners to maintain the density of your hair.

Natural Outcome

The FUT hair transplant results are natural and look exactly like your previous hair. During this treatment, the doctor takes your original hair and will then treat them. The transplanted hair will then appear like your original hair. This makes the transplanted hair and the original ones look the same. To achieve this, however, you will need a qualified surgeon. They will offer you perfect transplanted hair, and no one will notice you had some work done.

Final Thought

There are several advantages of undergoing the FUT hair restoration treatment. But the most critical of all these benefits is that you will achieve the best appearance. Now that you understand the advantages of undergoing the FUT procedure, you should consider scheduling a consultation session with a hair transplant surgeon.

Here you will understand the exact FUT hair transplant cost and get to ask any questions regarding this treatment. It would be best if you also did proper research regarding this treatment before you settle on it.