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5 Popular Programming Languages

My profession is IT related, so I often work alongside programmers in online projects. So I decided to study programming language. The truth is that I may be interested in changing my profession or taking on more responsibility to explore new horizons. Aside from my son’s desire to become a programmer and me learning programming languages together,

What does coding look like for children? I began by conducting preliminary research. It took me just 20 minutes to find a good article. Python is one of my favorite programming languages. It’s the basis of many online projects, which I discovered. It’s also possible to learn basic syntax in a matter of weeks, even for beginners.

Java was also a favorite among my sons and myself. This programming language is extremely versatile ( + “free coding for kids” lessons). JVM can run programs even on an engineer calculator or a fridge. Learning the basics of Python is much more difficult than learning Python. We decided to add JavaScript C++ and PHP to the list. To make the final choice, it will likely take a while. I’m glad I found this article, which allowed me to discover about the most commonly used languages as well as the peculiarities that they use.