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5 Perfect Ideas To Wear A Zipped Hoodie For Men

Zipped hoodies! The ultimate blend of sweatshirts and jackets is the modern streetwear staple for every man’s apparel. Whether you prefer casual style, trendy, or polished, there’s no reason not to take this classic piece for a fresh spin.

The great thing about a hoodie is that it serves you casual panache for both lazy and hustling days. While it may seem that this clothing item can only be worn in the winters or when it is at least mild cold, there are hoodies available for every season to wear with practically anything in your closet.

So, before you throw on your Zipped Hoodie, look at these below-given outfit ideas to take your hoodie-wearing style to the next level.

Ways To Put On A Zipped Hoodie

Though zip-up hoodies are a versatile and stylish piece of clothing, plenty of people aren’t sure how to look cool. While there’s no “wrong” way to rock a zip-up, certain style tips might help you look your best when wearing one.

Here are some coolest ways to wear a zip-up hoodie.

• The Smart Casual Look

To attain a sophisticated casual look, wear light to medium-weight well-fitted zip-up hoodie underneath a soft-shoulder, tailored jacket, or overcoat and polo t-shirt. Add some slim jeans and a pair of minimal leather sneakers or Chelsea boots to anchor your look.

• Layer Your Hoodie Under A Jacket

When thinking of putting on a hoodie, the first thing that comes to mind is probably wearing it as an outer layer. But zip-up hoodies work well under some types of jackets, too. When worn under a lightweight jacket or a puffy vest, a hoodie adds much-needed warmth on a chilly day without having to add a bulky jacket.

To take your hoodie-wearing style up a notch, pair it with a denim jacket. These two menswear staples go hand in hand. Throw on your favorite t-shirt and a zip-up when you need to put together a quick casual look. Add a denim jacket, and you’re all good!

• The Half Zipped Look

While you could style a full-zip sweater so that it would work at the office, the half-zip gives a much neater, elegant look. To achieve this look, combine your half-closed zip-up hoodie with a button-down shirt and pair it with khakis and loafers.

• Throw Your Hoodie Over A Tee

This hoodie outfit will layer nicely over a short or long-sleeved tee, depending on the weather or where you are. Consider wearing a shirt in a complementary shade, such as light grey with a dark grey hoodie or a navy blue shirt with a Prussian blue hoodie.

Wear your hoodie unzipped if you want to show off your t-shirt. Finally, finish your outfit by throwing on a pair of olive pants and brown leather sneakers.

• Create An Athleisure Look

Athleisure is among the most popular (and most comfy) fashion trends. Whether trying to put together a stylish outfit to wear to the gym or looking for a more casual look, A zip-up hoodie is always a decent choice. Wear your favorite sweatpants or joggers, a solid-colored shirt, and a matching zipped hoodie.

This is a wonderful outfit for a nice stroll in the park, brunch with friends, or doing errands on the weekend.

The Bottom Line

Considering the above-given outfit ideas, it’s pretty evident that hoodies, especially zip-ups, are a versatile piece of clothing. Whether you enjoy wearing them when doing errands, hanging out with friends, or creating great ensembles for your office wardrobe. You’re not bound to the number of ways you can wear a zip-up hoodie.

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