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5 NFT Projects for NFT Fans in 2022

The market for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is quickly expanding. NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital assets that cannot be replicated. They may be used by creators to represent anything from virtual assets to real-world items.

As the demand for NFTs grows, so does the need for investors to comprehend how these tokens function. Here are five projects working on NFT solutions that investors will keep an eye on in the coming months.

The ZunaVerse and ZunaNauts Collection

Users of ZunaVerse, a decentralized marketplace, may buy and sell NFTs, which are digital assets with certain properties. These assets are powered by the BNB Chain, which promises rapid transactions at low prices. The marketplace’s goal is to deliver services on par with Opensea.

The uniqueness and originality of Zunaverse’s digital asset trading platform is a big selling feature for investors. Users of the platform may avoid middlemen and purchase and sell NFTs directly with one another.

As a result, the market seems to be more productive and less costly than alternatives. Zunaverse also intends to grow its user base in the next years. The project also released a proprietary token known as “ZUNA.” For creators that use ZUNA, there are lower fees and faster transaction times.

The ZunaNauts are an innovative type of collectibles that guarantee financial benefits to customers. This collection only includes astronauts from 1969. Its long-term incentive system seeks to attract collectors and financial supporters.

Those who mint and hold a ZunaNaut NFT will get 12 months of $ZUNA incentives as well as “partial ownership” of ZUNAVERSE.io by receiving a portion of every BNB/BSC transaction on the NFT Marketplace.


Each NFT in VeeFriends has a unique message and meaning. Its metadata grants holders access to various degrees of actions and content.

VeeFriends is betting on a decentralized network that lets users engage with one another directly. This contrasts with centralized platforms such as Facebook and other Web2 sites. Users on these websites can only speak with other users who have been approved by the platform.

There are no limits on who users may communicate with on VeeFriends. To put it another way, investors may freely communicate with individuals from all around the world.

The Ethereum blockchain is another aspect of VeeFriends. This implies that all NFTs are based on ERC-721 compliant contracts, which are considered the “gold standard” for digital collectibles.

Furthermore, in order to improve investment security, the initiative logs all transactions on the blockchain.

Kibatsu Mecha

Kibatsu Mecha is an animated series of Ethereum blockchain NFTs. They live in Megacity Kibatsu and its environs, battling in the Ataki Arena. Each figure is hand-drawn and individually animated.

Kibatsu Megacity’s backstory is extensive and intricate, with each character having their own reasons for fighting. Jerry Liu, the artist, is a motion graphics professional who has spent his time crafting the Kibatsu Corp. brand and story.

The Kibatsu Mecha are weird and bizarre animals, each with a unique mix of seven characteristics. They are precisely hand-generated and carefully crafted. There are no two Kibatsu Mecha similar, and some are more uncommon than others.

The Mechas are an important component of Megacity Kibatsu’s backstory and its pilot’s battle for a variety of causes. The Mechas show the artist’s devotion and hard work in building the Kibatsu Corp. brand.


“Moonbirds” is a rare and one-of-a-kind collection aimed at collectors and investors. Moonbirds enjoy a number of benefits, including VIP club membership and privileged access to new PROOF projects.

Moonbirds are popular because they provide an excellent balance of features and advantages. Moonbirds provide increased drops and incentives, exclusive club membership, and unique access to new projects. As a result, they are an attractive investment for anybody interested in this industry.

People invest in Moonbirds for a variety of reasons. To begin with, crypto fans feel these NFTs provide a unique and excellent investment opportunity. As previously said, Moonbirds have a variety of characteristics and perks that make them an appealing idea for collectors and investors.

Moonbirds are a means to help the PROOF metaverse project in addition to their investment possibilities. Traders may help fund the development of the PROOF metaverse by investing in Moonbirds.

Creature World

Danny Cole’s Creature World is an anticipated virtual realm for NFTs. Danny is a talented young artist with an amazing portfolio, and the Creature World project has been in the works for some years.

The project is unique in that there is no public roadmap or purpose statement. Instead, the project exists only as a work of art. In other words, the value of NFTs is totally determined by their scarcity and collectibility.

Many individuals are afraid to put their money into ventures like Creature World. This is because they see little value in such an apparently haphazard NFT effort. Other investors, however, feel that this collection will be successful because of Danny Cole’s enthusiasm and ingenuity.

Danny Cole is free to experiment with fresh ideas because he does not have a predetermined strategy. This method enables him to offer value to the project in unexpected ways. This adaptability will be critical for Creature World to keep ahead of the competition and expand its popularity.

Danny Cole’s artwork has been shown at several art events and festivals, and he has collaborated with Kanye West’s stage designer.

In conclusion

When it comes to NFTs, there are several initiatives to invest in. The final conclusion is that there is a collection for everyone in the NFT market. Roadmap-free efforts, markets, and metaverse-based projects: this industry is attempting to reach a broad audience.

Each of these initiatives has the potential to succeed, but traders should conduct their own research before putting money into them.

Only those who understand what each project entails and the benefits it provides can devise an effective NFT approach.