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5 Essential Tips To Buy Those Perfect Punjabi Juttis Online 

Online shopping has revolutionised the way shopping is done. It has become mainstream as it allows people to buy their favourite products whenever and wherever they want. Footwear being a staple part of our lives, it is one of the major products that millions of people buy online. From hundreds of footwear varieties, there is one type of footwear that quickly catches your eye: Punjabi jutti. You can scroll through thousands of products and choose the ones that best suit your taste and personality. Plenty of popular brands sell Punjabi jutti for ladies in various colours, design works and patterns. Women often find themselves mesmerised by the charm and style quotient that Punjabi juttis create for their outfits. Therefore it is one of the must-have footwear in women’s closets. 

Buying juttis online may not sound like a big deal, but it is. The struggle becomes even more difficult at times, as Juttis come in more designs and with the use of stones or embroideries to consider. Furthermore, Juttis complements the bridal lehenga’s look, making it something you should not skimp on. As people are doing their wedding shopping online, the juttis deserve their due importance. You must put a little thought into the buying process to find the juttis you always wanted. To help you find the best juttis, here are five essential tips for buying those perfect Punjabi juttis online.  

  1. Look for some common factors in footwear. 
  • Fit 

A proper and comfortable fit is a must when it comes to choosing juttis. Many people often overlook that their feet can vary in size – yes, this is a real issue! As a result, always consider the larger foot’s size and look for the same. 

  • Material 

When you’ve found the perfect fit, the next thing to consider is the material of the juttis. Make sure you buy Juttis online from platforms with a simple return policy, allowing you to return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations. 

  • Online store 

When purchasing Punjabi juttis for ladies, mainstream ecommerce platforms may not provide many options in design, quality and colours. You may have to look for brands specialising in designer footwear and accessories. Such online footwear brands offer high-quality products and a variety of designs that you won’t see anywhere else. Such brands also collaborate with reputed designers to produce high-quality, unique designer juttis exclusive to these brands, and you won’t find them anywhere else.  

  1. Go for unique and special designs. 

What about a unique and fun design for your Jutti? The design of the jutti has a significant impact on its appearance and how it would complement your outfit. Designer Punjabi juttis are ideal for fun events such as the Sangeet, Mehndi Ceremony, or Haldi. Choose a bright colour, such as pink or yellow, with embroidery work with beads and more details or something along those lines. Take some liberties with your footwear. Finding such Juttis online may be difficult, but you may be able to find them on platforms that are highly popular for quirky designs of their juttis. 

Choosing a jutti design contrasting to your outfit is a unique way to draw attention to your Juttis. Simply select a colour for your Juttis that contrasts sharply with your lehenga. Find a pair of bright red Juttis online if you have a green lehenga with green embroidery. You can find something with embroidery or patterns that will make it stand out in your outfit. 

When it comes to bling, there is nothing more blingy than having stones on your Juttis. The most remarkable aspect of this design is that, despite being loud, it also exudes elegance and panache. This is ideal for bridal outfits with a lot of stonework, as the juttis will easily complement the outfit. Because of their extreme popularity, such Juttis should be easy to find online. 

  1. Complement the undertone of your attire 

When you wear a bridal lehenga or saree with a lot of embroidery and design work, the lehenga colour may get lost in the mix, especially if it’s a light colour. You can elevate that colour by strategically wearing Juttis in a similar colour. This automatically improves the appearance of your clothing and draws attention to the colour. You can now shop for Juttis confidently after learning to find them on an online platform and having an idea of some of the best designs.  

  1. Don’t let the price stop you.  

The following advice may go against hundreds of buying guides, but someone had to say it. You should not let the price tag keep you away from what you desire. When you lay your eyes on the juttis that fit all your design and colour criteria, but the price tag makes you question your choice, you should ignore the price tag. You deserve everything you aspire for, and only you can make the choice that will make you happy and no one else. You should not feel guilty about buying something you like just because someone else might judge you. You deserve what you like, and you should go ahead and buy those designer juttis you can’t take your eye off.  

  1. Buy juttis that complement your personality and style. 

Every attire or footwear is as beautiful as how well you carry them. Though the right footwear has its way of making you feel confident, you must know about women footwear trends what will compliment your style and personality. If you are more outgoing and love to experiment with colours, it must reflect on your juttis. If you love exclusivity and carefully handpick your purchases, you must go for designer juttis. Designer juttis flaunt unique designs and patterns by popular brands and reputed designers. The designers put their personal touch and style into these juttis, making them stand apart from the rest without effort.   

Buying juttis online has become easier than ever. If you know what you want, it would be easier and quicker to buy your favourite juttis. These five simple tips will surely help you find that perfect pair of juttis you are looking for.  

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