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5 easy steps to edit a video with photos and music

Nowadays, we are surrounded by devices that allow us to film and take pictures very quickly and, in many cases, of top quality. So, making a video with photos and music shouldn’t be too complicated.

Indeed, we can find many tools and platforms to edit our videos with photos and music easily. In this way, the possibilities of creation are truly endless.

On this occasion, we share a quick and easy guide with 5 steps to follow to edit a video with photos and music. If we take note and follow it carefully soon, we will be able to edit our videos without any problem.

1. Choose the photos

The first step is essential: we must select the photos we will use, always ensuring they are clear, defined, and well-focused. We can add one or two short videos with the same characteristics if we want.

We can also incorporate analog photos using a scanner. In the case of not having, some applications for the phone allow us to scan with the camera, obtaining a very similar result.

2. Select the music

When we make a video with photos, we usually select a music track to play while the photos go by. It can be a meaningful or emotional song, depending on the goal of our video.

We can always search the internet if we can’t think of anything. We must be careful to select music for free use so as not to have problems with copyright. For that, there are many free music banks that we can explore.

3. Find a video editor

Once we have selected the material to use, both photos and videos, it is time to get to work. To begin, we must select the program that allows us to edit a video with photos and music.

Currently, there is a multitude of options. Some are programs to download to the computer or tablet, while other platforms work entirely online, without installing anything on our devices.

4. Arrange photos and sync music

When choosing our editor, it will surely tell us how to incorporate the selected material. Then we can accommodate it following the criteria that we like the most. For example, we can sort the photos in chronological order.

Next, we synchronize the chosen music with our photo sequence. Here we can see if the selected track covers the entire time the photos last or if we have to find a second song to cover the entire video.

5. Incorporate effects and transitions

When we’ve finished sequencing and timing the video, it’s time to add the plugins. In most video editors, we can choose transitions between images, either randomly or by maintaining a style.

In turn, we can add different effects to our video. We can add text to the images or a clip with titles at the beginning if we wish. We can also end the sequence with a credits clip if interested.

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