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4 Types of Insurance Everyone Needs

In today’s world, every individual wants to secure their family. You can invest money in various types of insurance plans since there are many options on the market today. There are numerous insurance policies provided by various insurance companies in Tanzania. So, you cannot easily decide the right policy for yourself and your family. This short post is emphasized some life insurance policies that may help you in choosing the right plan.

Pure Term Plan: –Pure Term plan is insurance that offers coverage for a specific time period. Once that period is passed, the policyholder can continue their policy or can drop their policy. If the policyholder dies in the term period, the nominee gets the death benefit. This insurance plan is very inexpensive. The policyholder is permitted to pay a low monthly premium that is dependent on the term length and amount of the coverage you selected.

Group Life Assurance Scheme Tanzania:-A Group Life Assurance scheme allows employers to provide a lump sum payment to an employee’s family, children. Or any beneficiaries the employer chooses if the employee dies. The provision of a Group Life Assurance scheme Tanzania goes a long way towards showing an employer’s genuine care for their employees’ welfare. As well as inspiring loyalty and reassuring workers that they are valued.

Benefits of Group Life Assurance for Employees:-

  • Premiums are paid by the employer and are not treated to be a benefit in kind.
  • All lump sum benefitsare usually paid outside an employee’s estate.
  • A Group Life Assurance scheme renders peace of mind and reassurance.

FANAKA Life Insurance Plan:-This is a life insurance plan that assures that you and your family’s needs are met adequately. For taking care of your children’s education and their graduation, including marriage, the FANAKA insurance plan is ideal. Moreover, if you want capital to start a business this plan can be of great assistance. With this plan, your money grows over a period of time. Last but not least it provides you security since, notwithstanding your death or permanent disability, all of your financial goals will be met.

The policy term of this life insurance plan can vary from 5 to 20 years based on your financial plan. You can pay the premium made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, through various convenient modes of payments.

Personal Pension Plan:-A personal pension also called a private pension, is a saving plan that you can set up yourself to save money for your life after retirement. The value when you retire will rely on the amount you’ve paid into the plan and how your investments perform.

While a workplace pension including the group Life Assurance scheme Tanzania is started up by your employer. You can choose and start a personal pension yourself. When you start a personal pension you will normally be given a choice of pension funds. Pension funds are managed by professional money managers, who will invest your pension savings in a variety of assets. After you’ve started a pension plan you are allowed to make regular contributions and one-off payments. Your pension provider has the right to claim tax relief from the government and add it to your pension plan.


To sum up, there are details of the 4 top types of insurance policies that would help you to choose the right plan for you. Before setting up any insurance policy, you should compare all the policies. Only the selected policy that meets the requirements and needs of your family. Last but not least don’t over-commit on the premium notwithstanding how good the product is.