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11 Must Watch Movies for Programmers in 2022

Movies have a profound impact on people’s lives. Several find inspiration in movies and some find solutions to the most complicated problems. Entertainment, education, and inspiration are all found in movies.

You can find out what movies they are in this blog and watch them as soon as you can if you have any doubts.


The movie tells the story of the invention of the world’s first computer and was released in 2014.

It is a fascinating movie for programmers. Turing and his team, the protagonists of the film, succeeded in decoding the German Enigma Code at the end of the movie.

The scene may be particularly inspirational for programmers.

Enigma code and computers both played a crucial role in shortening the war and saving lives.

Director Morten Tyldum and author Graham Moore are responsible for this masterpiece.

The Social Network

A Harvard undergraduate named Mark Zuckerberg created what would become the biggest sensation of our time – a social networking site, which would become the modern-day Facebook, which has almost become synonymous with the word ‘internet’. However, the youngest billionaire in the world is accused of stealing their idea by the Winklevoss twins, and he finds himself drifting away from his relationships.


The name itself suggests programming. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the lead role.

In the film, a suicide bomber attacks an Illinois train.

Using his programming skills, the hero enters the body of another individual.

Despite the complex storyline, the movie was critically acclaimed and Duncan Jones and Ben Ripley were praised for their work.

Pirates of the Silicon Valley

‘Pirates of Silicon Valley’ is a wonderful documentary about the men who built up the global corporate empires of Apple Computer Corporation and Microsoft, including their struggles in college and their founding of their companies.

Mr. Robot

 The show follows Elliot Alderson, a cybersecurity engineer working for cybersecurity company ‘Allsafe’ by day, but a vigilante hacker at night, catching crooks on his computer. The movie has a great soundtrack, a rebellious theme, and even includes realistic aspects of programming.


Programmers consider this company a paradise for antitrust cases.

Upon joining this company, a young programmer realized that something wasn’t right.

Utilizing his programming skills, he brings these issues to light.

It remains one of the greatest programming movies of all time since its release in 2001. All programmers should catch this flick.

The Great Hack

Filmmakers successfully blend the challenges of complex tech information with riveting drama in this eye-opening, well-executed documentary. Definitely worth watching.

It is interesting that, in The Great Hack, we end up rooting for ourselves, and hoping we do not fall prey to “psy-ops” and become one of the fooled, the foiled, or the exploited, unmindful victims.

Office Space

Portrays the hilarious daily life of an average software employee. In a software company, Peter Gibbons is one of those “unknown” employees. Gibbons feels very unmotivated and unappreciated at work. He is encouraged to get hypnotherapy treatment by his girlfriend Anne. The rest of the story is determined by what occurs after the hypnotherapy session.


In this sci-fi psychological thriller, relationships between humans and robots are explored. In 2015 this psychological thriller was released. Nathan Bateman, the CEO of Blue Book, a search engine company in which Caleb Smith works, gives Caleb Smith a one-week stay at his house. The android Ava, which has artificial intelligence capabilities, visits Caleb at his home. The robot’s actions and actions must be analyzed by Caleb. A blurred line begins to appear between humanity and technology as emotions begin to surface. A round of applause is in order for the cinematography in this film.

The Social Dilemma

Today, every person knows they are addicted to the drug called social media, so they can be used as lab rats in order to discover something new, instead of selling it to customers. Advertisers are our customers, and we are just their products. A film that everyone should see. The documentary draws attention to social media’s harmful effects.

The Internship

In this film, two adults, Billy and Nick, lose their jobs and then apply for an internship at Google. Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, chooses them both for an internship program. Their competition is with a group of young, tech-savvy people. If you think that you’re too old to learn new things in technology, then this movie is for you.

It’s fun to watch these programming movies, but they’re also informative as well.  Your home theatre allows you to enjoy a movie watching session with your buddies. Thanks for reading.

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