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10 Amazing Puzzle Games to Play Right Now

10 Amazing Puzzle Games to Play Right Now

A good puzzle always saves the day. Puzzles were initially created as a source of entertainment. But puzzles also offer mathematical and logical problems requiring your cognitive skills. You will have to solve the problem in a fundamental mystery by putting different pieces together logically. There are different varieties of puzzles presently, like crossword, number, word, mathematical, relation, and more.

Puzzle video games and live-action Escape rooms are among the most popular additions to the ever-evolving puzzle game genre. The escape puzzles have taken over the online and offline world. These days there are different concepts and mechanisms of puzzles. They offer a variety of themes and missions to attract the crowd. For example, Escape room breakout offers Asia’s first movie-styled escape experience.

Puzzle games (played in any mode and on any device) are a satisfying way of giving your brain some exercise. A recreational habit like puzzle(s) also encourages a healthy and cerebral way of dealing with complex problems. If you are looking for some puzzle games to train your brain with, we have just the thing for you. Here is the list of the top ten puzzle games you can play now.

1.      Sudoku

If we talk about puzzles, we need to start with Sudoku. Sudoku is a classic game where you have a 9×9 grid, and within that grid, you have 3×3 squares. Some of the grids will have numbers on them. The main goal is to ensure each column and row has the number 1 to number 9 without any repetition. The 3×3 box must also contain the same pattern. Not only is Sudoku a popular and classic game, but it also builds mental fortitude without stress. Recently, many online versions of the game have also been released.

2.      Tetris

Sudoku is not the only classic entry on our list; following that, we have Tetris. Tetris is a video game in which players complete lines by moving different pieces (the other shapes are called Tetriminoes), further descending into the playing field. The player must strive to delay the outcome as long as he can to win. This puzzle game ends when the faint lines reach the top of the area.

3.      Grindstone

Grindstone is another puzzle arcade game. In this game, the players level up by clearing enemies by attacks. You can move the character George in eight different directions and use that skill to defeat monsters. There are three ability slots with unique powers, but the trick is that JOrj can only attack one colour-type monster at a time. A grindstone is created only after ten hits, and the player has a higher chance of losing if they take more than three hits.

4.      Scrabble

Scrabble is one of the most popular word games in existence. The word game is pretty simple- 2 to 4 layers can score points by placing tiles together. Each tile contains a single letter which will be put into a scrabble board of 15×15 grid squares. The comments will be read in rows and downwards in the column. The tiles must form a word included in a standard dictionary like the OED.

5.      Chuzzle

Chuzzle is another puzzle video game like Tetris. In this game, players must line up chuzzles (original fur ball characters) in a grid. You can only match the exact colour chuzzles in left to right rows and downward columns. After you check the same colour puzzles, they pop off the screen, and you level up.

6.      KenKen

KenKen is a great puzzle game for developing mathematical and logical skills. This game also has a grid system. The grids start from 3×3, and then the difficulty increases till the grid is 9×9. The grid will be sparsely populated with numbers. The goal is to complete the grid with numbers without repetition. The twist is that there will also be a particular number at the end of the rows and columns. All the numbers you put in the grids must add to that total number.

7.      Breakout Escape Room

Escape Rooms are one of the unique puzzle games right now. In Breakout Escape Room (multiple franchises), the players will get voluntarily locked inside a movie-themed escape room. The mission is to figure out clues and solve puzzles to obtain the door code within 60 minutes.

8.      Portal 2

Portal 2 is a first-person puzzle-themed video game and the second instalment of the Portal series. The players must solve puzzles by putting portals and teleporting between those said portals. This game has additional features like a laser, light bridges, tractor beams, and more to increase the efficiency of the portals. 

9.      Tangram

The Tangram is a traditional addition to this list of puzzle games. In this unique dissecting puzzle game, seven polygons (Tans) will be put together to form different shapes. The main goal is to replicate a pattern from puzzle books using all seven pieces together without any overlap. You can also challenge others to copy your design.

10.    Wordle

Wordle is the new buzz in town. In this online crossword puzzle game, players will get six chances to guess the 5-letter word of the day. The colour green in the row will indicate the correct position of the letter; the colour yellow will signal the presence of the letter in the word, and grey will signal wrong notes. The guess word is refreshed every 24 hours across the world.


Puzzle games are entertaining and refreshing games. There is a perfect puzzle game for everyone. You might just like it a lot! If you are not a big fan of puzzles or want to try some unique puzzle games, give some of the games on our list a try.